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  1. I have a TM VSR 10 G-spec. It worked fine before I opened it up to clean and regrease inside the cylinder. Everything seemed to go back nicely. Except now when I :censored2: it, I cant push the bolt (cylinder assembly) forward with the same minimal force. It's just locked there until I put a little more force and then it slams forward and fires. So to clarify, here's the problem: On a working gun you do this: :censored2: bolt back -> bolt stays in back position -> Slide bolt forward, ready to fire On my gun it is now this: :censored2: bolt back -> bolt stays in back position -> Bolt won't slide forward -> push harder ->bolt slams forward and gun is fired. I was thinking maybe the sear is warn, but why would it lock up in the back position? How come it didnt have any signs of this problem before? I don't suspect a sear would go all at once. I inspected the sear, there is a little wear, but I don't think its' that bad. Below are pictures, tell me if it is bad: Other notes: I bought it used a few years ago. It's been great until now. There are some after market parts. The piston, spring, barrel and maybe trigger assembly. One reason I opened it up was also to investigate a certain amount of friction when pushing bolt forward. Sometimes it felt like metal on metal scratching. But other times it slid forward just fine. I wonder if this is a symptom of something related. ---------------- On the pictures you will notice a slight U shape on the top of the sear. The other photo shows some wear on the top right corner (dark area) is a little worn down. To me it doesnt seem that bad. Is it this or something else?
  2. I have been told that it is not good for your gears or motor to keep shooting an AEG in single shot mode. Because: 1. it does not allow the gears to fully cycle. (I suspect this is not a problem if you keep the trigger held long enough) 2. starting and stopping a motor abruptly dramatically increases it's wear and tear. I have heard this from several non-authoritative sources. They could just be regurgitating information from the same bad source. Can anyone corroborate or debunk this? (If you reply, please state if you actually have experience / authoritative knowledge working with electronic motors, or if it's just your hunch and opinion.)
  3. I have a drawer full of dead battery packs. Most will still take a charge and show full voltage... until put in a gun and they die out under a load. My understanding is that its only 1 or 2 cells in the pack that have gone bad. Anybody know this on good authority? (not just regurgitating internet wisdom). If true, how do I test for the cell. I assume just isolate the cell and put a load on it to see if it works. Any danger in swapping out cells from one battery pack to another to get a working pack pack again? Anyone ever done this before? I assume the cells would have to be the same mAh rating and same chemistry (NiMH or NiCd)
  4. Perfect. Thanks. (the pictures were not there, but it had exactly the info I needed) Abbreviated version for posterity (if that link doesn't work in the future): Do the steps above with the silicone cloth and then the dry cloth to clean the barrel. For deeper cleaning, take the gun apart and lightly lube moving parts with 100% silicone oil Wash the hop up bucking in warm soap and water (then rinse in cold water).
  5. found some scans of the manual (pro sniper version but...) http://tech.airsoftcanada.com/TM/TM%20-%20VSR-10/
  6. I looked and nobody else asked this question so it might be a "stupid" one. How do you clean and maintain your TM VSR? I just bought a used VSR10 G-spec. It was upgraded (with PDI parts I think). It didn't have the manual or anything. I have never owned a sniper rifle before. I'm just wondering what is the best way to clean and maintain it. I assume the usual airsoft barrel cleaning: 1) spray some 100% silicone oil on a small piece of cloth. 2) run it down the barrel with the cleaning rod (and the HOP turned off). 3) repeat the above process with a clean (non siliconed) cloth a few times until it comes out clean and dry. But what about the bolt action? It feels like I need to lube it, but I'm not sure what to use. Silicone spray? Do I just spray it in there? Disassemble and clean everything? Use another special lube? Also, anyone know where the user manual can be found online? I googled and only found broken links. Since I'm asking, I think I messed things up a bit by not fully cocking the bolt. It may have fed 2 BBs in there and chopped them or something. It still shoots fine, but there were broken pieces of BB on the ground in front of the gun and a small dent on the lip of the silencer where the BBs come out (dented outwards). How do I prevent this in the future? What is the proper cocking technique? How can I tell if I have it fully cocked? Thanks in advance.
  7. What did you lube it with? 100% silicone oil spray?
  8. This is an old thread, but if you guys still play, give us a shout. We usually play renegade North Shore Oahu about once a month. If interested PM me, reply to this post or email me at: yomama360 -at- hot mail <--- (make that correct for email and put "airsoft" in the subject)
  9. This is an old thread, but if you guys still play, give us a shout. We usually play renegade North Shore Oahu about once a month. If interested PM me, reply to this post or email me at: yomama360 -at- hot mail <--- (make that correct for email and put "airsoft" in the subject)
  10. Yeah, if you're still around. We play renegade on the North Shore about once a month. If interested PM me, reply to this post or email me at: yomama360 -at- hot mail <--- (make that correct for email and put "airsoft" in the subject)
  11. We play renegade airsoft about once a month. Usually in the North Shore area, but we'll go anywhere if you have a good field. If interested in a pick up game, PM me, reply to this post or email me at: yomama360 -at- hot mail <--- (make that correct for email and put "airsoft" in the subject) Please, no players under 16.
  12. Thanks for that. So I really shouldn't freak that after 2 years my batteries fart out. Evidentially that's just how it is. By the way, the batteries in question are an Intelect and an Elite battery ;-)
  13. Yes, obviously. Do YOU have any actual EXPERIENCE with that? How long do your battery packs usually last? Which brands of batteries tend to last longer and have higher quality cells IN YOUR EXPERIENCE? Thanks
  14. So if I was dedicated and played every month (1 cycle a a month) they should last me over 8 years. Are you speaking from experience? How long do yours typically last? Anybody out there experience an average lifespan of about 8 years from a NiMH?
  15. What is the average life-span for a battery? I have a few different guns and a few different batteries. It seems like after about 1.5 to 2 years the batteries get a little weak. Turning the motor slower for example, or not lasting the full day of play. The ones in question are about 1500mah NiMH. Is this a pretty typical lifespan for a battery? 1.5 to 2 years? I play about once a month. Or am I doing something wrong with the charging / storage / whatervers? Thanks
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