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    My interests besides airsoft include: Wrestling, Video Games, and movies.<br />And girls. YEEAAHH!!! Lol

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    Spring Cybergun FAMAS, Spring m1911, Spring UTG M87SOS, Spring MP5, Cybergun M1a1 Thompson, WE 1911, DBoys Ak74s
  1. FINALLY have something to contribute to my favorite thread on ASF: G&P M870 Sheriff (Long). "Trades" It's probably going to stay stock for a while, especially since I haven't found a single disassembly guide for this line of guns. Full gallery: http://imgur.com/a/WAgin
  2. No. The rentals are much higher quality. I say save your money for something that's actually usable against people with good guns and rent in the meantime. I understand you want to own a gun, but you'll be completely outgunned with either of the two you're looking at.
  3. screw it, I'm sending it to gi
  4. Ok so the piston on my Dboys M4 stripped a few weeks ago. I finished working in the GB yesterday, and I put everything back together right, so I'm assuming the problem isn't in the gearbox. I can't figure out how these are supposed to be attached to the bottom of the motor. If it's like this, then there's something wrong with the motor because it's not getting any power. I disassembled the gearbox again, and none of the wiring is damaged. Help much appreciated. EDIT: Pictures added, sorry if they are large.
  5. Hopefully I'll be able to enter in this one :D I'll probably shoot for budget aeg, just gotta get a 7.4 lipo and a tbb.
  6. Well that explained the lower-quality plastic. Oh well
  7. Evike does this waay too much. I'm dissappointed that gi has sunk to that level.
  8. Cheap and effective, I like it.
  9. Those are the bottoms of the mags. They actually do have those small holes.
  10. 2v2

    Fallout New Vegas

    Well I decided to buy Fallout 3 goty for pc so I can enjoy some incredible mods. Totally worth getting over the console versions if your computer can run it. I have barely done any quests, just been running around with a squad of enclave troops (enclave commander) and killing endless zombies (zombie apocalypse)
  11. 2v2

    Fallout New Vegas

    I know right. I spent like half an hour picking up stuff the first time too.
  12. 2v2

    Fallout New Vegas

    I really wish they would, but they announced they were definitely not going to have an expansion like that.
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