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  1. Hey, I have a similiar loadout, with multicam, and CB. I painted my gun, and it really helped the looked. Since your are doing an urban loadout, it doesn't matter as much, but a nicely done paint job only increases the originality and persona you put off. As for the buffer tube nut? I thought it was a Phillips screw inside the buffer tube. (Where did you grab that magpul ASAP at)?
  2. You know, it looks beautiful, very well put together. My only qualm with your hole set up, you have all that MC, and that ultra blend in ability, but you have a black 2x4 protruding out of your chest. Rattle Can that gun, or something.
  3. Hey Guys! This is our very tiny squad I've been playing with for the last two months, we are currently in the process of organizing camo, (which I believe is going to be multicam) and some other changes. These pictures are all taken from our practices (hence t-shirts, blue jeans).
  4. Alright, those parts I mentioned before arrived! I believe that Function > Form and these new pieces really help the flow of the gun from firing to non-firing positions, as well as foldable iron sights that allow for full FOV of my optics.
  5. Yee! Thanks this was exactly what I was needing!
  6. This Charger. I'm unable to read Japanese, can you tell me how this charger works. I plug in my 7.4 3300 Lipo and charge it for 1.5 hours, and the lights go A. Green B. Red. C.Red on the charger, I unplug the battery, all lights are green. What do these lights mean, and how do I know when my battery is full charged. This charger did not come with a manual, and maybe this post could help some other folks aswell. Thanks.
  7. Thanks guys! The Camera is a Canon 30D, just using the lens that came with it.
  8. Nice build Joey Wink Wink! Don't I get credit for pictures on the last three, those top two really out of focus and contrast. =] Nice gun Broseph! The Cove! Saturday!
  9. Internals: Systema Metal Hop Up Unit Prom. Barrel 6.03mm Systema M120 Energy Drop in Systema Energy Motor 7.4. 3300 Li-Poly. External: Echo 1 .203 RIS (Vomit! I know right ugly; it comes on and off frequently, its warmed up so I can use it again) BSA Red Dot Gemtech Silencer (Not pictured, also comes on and off rather frequently) In Route: King Arms Folding Battle Site (set) King Arms Rear Sling Adapter G&P RIS sling adapter Magpul XTM panels Magpul PTS MS2 Multi Mission Sling (General I know, she is not beautiful, she has the full stock, the ugly .203 RIS (Which I will take a picture without) but you know what, she shoots like a dream, and functions for me perfect.
  10. Hey, It took around 20.00~30.00$ to build, and around 6 Hours of construction minus setting time with glue and polyurethane.
  11. Thats the tri-ris system that just clamps onto the end of your barrel.
  12. However, I'm not displaying mine, they are for easy access are space saving. If I want to look at a gun, I walk over, pick it out and so forth. Wall Hanging is nice, I'm not saying its not, but not practical for all.
  13. Here is a rack I just finished making for my apartment, the lighter wood matches the coffee table and record shelf. I thought I would post it so some of you could have some ideas on displaying your AEGs! The lighting is terrible, I'm not sure what happened, I'll re-upload some more shortly.
  14. I say win. DCU's very functional in the Fall...greater than ACU.
  15. Agreed. This is how I suggest to take a picture. Daylight, Full body, with atleast a 2Mega Pixel Camera, not a cell phone. Lets start from there.
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