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    Currently owned: A&K Masada - stock with lipo/AB Mosfet KA P90 - stock Previously owned: Overhauled High Speed AGM 416 KWA KP45 Tactical (ns2) CIA G36F (prototype) JLS FN2000 (project)

specter4's Feedback

  1. HonkeyDonkey left Positive feedback   

    knee pads and googles

    specter4 was The Seller

  2. sneakyazn left Positive feedback   

    Bought a aimpoint and acog scope. They both came in and worked great.

    specter4 was The Seller

  3. fcma172 left Positive feedback   

    Condor Battle Pack, Triple magazine shingle, Double pistol mag pouch, Shemagh, and Bungee sling, all in OD

    specter4 was The Seller

  4. McVioletson left Positive feedback   

    Flyye WSH

    specter4 was The Seller

  5. moses left Positive feedback   

    Aimpoint Mount

    specter4 was The Seller

  6. noobster911 left Positive feedback   

    Gears&TM Piston

    specter4 was The Seller

  7. EchoRecon1 left Positive feedback   

    JLS F2000 for AK47

    specter4 was The Seller

  8. usofr left Positive feedback   

    Had tech work done on my gun for money & items.

    specter4 was The Seller

  9. Webster_XC#23 left Positive feedback   

    Propper Black BDU

    specter4 was The Seller

  10. Epiphany left Positive feedback   


    specter4 was The Seller

  11. airsoft159 left Positive feedback   

    His CM.028, my mags and battery

    specter4 was The Seller

  12. romaro left Positive feedback   

    systema magnum

    specter4 was The Seller

  13. Tyrnek left Positive feedback   

    MAKO Grip

    specter4 was The Seller

  14. LaCross left Positive feedback   

    Traded my m4 for his g36f, everything for the most part went smoothly, dont be afraid to trade with this member.

    specter4 was The Seller

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