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  1. Items will be shipped from 46324 Everything has been tested and had its condition noted accordingly. NO Trades at the moment Additional pics and shooting vid available on request Free battery/charger with all AEGs on request ---------------------------------------- http://imgur.com/a/s3KlH Tokyo Marui Thompson M1a1 Like new in box, minimal to no scratches. Includes trademarked steel drum and 4x original stamped steel Marui thompson mags. All Original parts shoots under 300 fps(1J), large type battery connector. This stuff is all long discontinued. $265 shipped OBO for everything -------------------------------------------- http://imgur.com/a/sKgmN WE-Tech G36c (G39) GBBR Gas Blowback, includes additional mag for a total of 2 ($40 value) is mint condition functionally, has minor cosmetic wear and the cocking handle is a bit loose but intact. Mags are non leaky and without issues. 330-345 $185 shipped OBO ------------------------------------------- https://imgur.com/a/awTqR STAR RAINBOW / TSD G36K Vintage, discontinued, under 50rds through it. With original box. 3x zoom scope, Aluminum CNC machined RIS, Metal hopup unit and high torque motor came stock. Has a great ROF and response. Metal accents, like the top scope rail and charging handle. Includes Mosquito Molds drum mag (also vintage) and original 250rd hicap mag with dummy bullets. $190 shipped OBO --------------------------------------- http://imgur.com/a/GCAex Galaxy Mp5k Steel sling swivel endcap, M-Lok rail adapter installed on the foregrip. Metal suppressor, 1 metal hicap and 2 straight mp5 mags included. Chronoes 340 fps. $82 shipped OBO 4 additional metal hicaps available, $5 each or less if you buy everything together. --------------------------------------- http://imgur.com/a/lqK8W CYMA CM042s AK47u All metal receiver and folding stock. Wood foregrip and aftermarket ergo pistol grip. Has seen use at a few games but it still works great and shoots 385 fps consistently. Includes original metal hicap and a brand new 2500rd rechargeable drum mag with pressure switch and sound control options. $135 shipped OBO for everything ----------------------------------------- https://m.imgur.com/a/81EJo JG G3 Metal claw scope mount and a brand new metal selector switch. Includes spare 500rd metal hicap magazine. Has a rotary style hopup. Shoots 335 fps. $86 shipped OBO ---------------------------------------- https://imgur.com/a/CEW6F JG M16a2 Grey classic style carry handle receiver, full stock. Magazine carrier bag attached to the stock and it has the original large type battery connector. 380 fps. $76 shipped OBO Acog optional, add $30 ---------------------------------------- http://imgur.com/a/kkRrc HFC M9 Special Force Vintage, extremely smooth cycle action. Hardly any visible wear internally. Freshly oiled. 3 green gas mags without issues or leaks. 330 fps. $80 shipped OBO for everything --------------------------------------- http://imgur.com/a/c9Zh5 KJW P226 Hardly any visible wear. Functions great. Has a rail underneath the barrel and no issues. The Green gas magazine has been recently maintained and has no leaks or issues. Shoots 335 fps. $80 shipped OBO That's all for now. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!
  2. The following items are for sale. Shipping from 46324. No trades at the moment PRICES ARE OBO http://imgur.com/a/Y3OpI - Krytac Gearboxes - I have two of these, only one is pictured. both unopened with the factory serial and QC sticker still covering the screw. They've seen under 50 rounds each and were both swapped out for HPA engines so they have little to no wear. $SOLD - Krytac Motor - Same story, swapped for an hpa engine. Seen under 50 rounds and scratch free. $SOLD - Lonex A1 motor - Has seen minimal use. The pinion is still in great shape. I went with a torque build so this balanced motor is making my ROF a little high even with an m120. These motors are powerhouses. Nuff said $40 shipped - Madbull ultimate Hopup unit - My personal choice for HUs even over Prowin, because of similar performance with more features. Like: *Feed tube retention o ring so BBs don't fall out when changing mags. *Window Cut for optional tracer unit module *Steel construction & rotary style adjustment for zero unwanted movement $25 shipped Take everything together for a great package deal! PM me for more pics/info Thanks for looking
  3. Okay, thank you for clarifying but what Guges said was confusing more than anything, I was the first to mention a motor draws the power it needs. What I was referring to was a possible scenario where a motor was pulling 65c continuously, and in that case it and the rest of the electrical system would be damaged as you said.
  4. It's their sportline series same price points as g&g CM. The shop I work at gets them wholesale for about $105~. The metal parts are steel and higher quality than any CYMA JG or XYT garbage I've seen. If you're old enough to remember JLS internals you know what I'm describing. Honestly working on that BM gearbox reminded me more of a KWA than a JG. I emplore you to take one down if you get the chance, I'm not easily impressed with stock internals after nearly a decade of teching. But, a metal hopup unit is a metal hopup unit. I have yet to see one so off spec that it doesn't do it's job which is not to crack like plastic ones. It's most likely zinc alloy but hey that does the job fine for a stock gun and better than plastic would. I think Valken is trying to capture the market CMs have dominated for awhile and honestly that metal HU and their 1yr parts warranty alone is enough to do it. The rest of the compression parts were just a pleasant surprise to me. They couldn't offer that parts warranty unless they had QC similar to echo1 where they're testing and logging everything they sell. Pretty impressive.
  5. A few tips I can give based on my own experience: The bevel gear should be shimmed a bit looser than the other gears to compensate for motor height adjustment. I've forgotten the spring that pushes the hopup unit back against the GB and been baffled by the same reoccurring fps leak. If your compression parts within the gb are solid when you test their air seal by themself, and your barrel assy. doesn't leak when you cover both ends and blow into it, then it's your mating between the gearbox and HU. That was the case with my build. King Arms receiver base, then moved to G&P aluminum still no better Lonex GB Prowin, then BD prowin clone, then Madbull ultimate HU. No luck with any I was getting major mating issues with the above parts. they are all top of the line but just don't happen to mesh well together. My solution was to get a GB shell with an integrated HU. Which solved my issue (; Edit: so well in fact that my flat hopped bucking was being pulled through my barrel window due to the friction with the BB. It sounded like my piston was PMEing but stopped when the barrel group was reset. Only solution was a harder bucking like a Madbull blue or Prommy purple. That was one of the weirdest problems I've diagnosed. Eliminating one problem can only lead to another one arising. AEGs are actually still fairly new to the market so there's still much more to learn about them. That's what makes it fun!
  6. Your spring is lighter than the system was designed for. That's why using a 9.6v and running the cycle faster causes errors. You need to compensate for the cycle running faster and help out your cutoff lever. If the trigger trolley spring is worn out you can try cutting some coils off or getting a new one to make it return the trolley faster. That is more of a temporary solution though. Only guaranteed fix is using an AB mosfet. It resets your cycle to the same point after each shot and it's pretty healthy for the spring to do that anyways. If you don't want to go that route you can use your old spring which is heavy enough to support your build as you've seen. You can cut a few coils off it to reduce the fps or add a bearing spring guide or similar to accommodate for the lost spring length.
  7. That's what an extremely polished barrel looks like. I hadn't seen inside a barrel that had been lapped either. I had 2 done at equal levels to compare. One was steel and the one shown was brass which polishes smoother than steel. the particles that show up in the picture warp and refract when the light is changed. It looks insane My steel barrel didn't have as distinct of a visual pattern because the metal is harder. Also the guy lapped this barrel something like 700 passes of 5 different compounds increasing in micrometer. So definitely not your everyday barrel
  8. Lol that mg42 on a motorcycle battery, bet that thing ran a good while too. Your setup draws very low amps. G&P is very efficient and well shimmed and your motor is drawing only what it needs. I doubt that GB draws more than 15A. Sustained auto fire might draw 20 on an 11.1. The 80c discharge is likely peak amps, there's a constant amp rating too that's probably about half of that. 65c constant is extremely high even for RC standards and would probably end up burning out your motor more than anything. Another thing is overspin is an indicator of an unstable gearbox build, not a problem with the system or even something that can be expected to happen. If you're using a motor with strong magnets that alone can prevent overspinning.
  9. :censored2: weird. I like it
  10. I've seen the new Valken battle machines to actually be better than G&G CMs. G&G CM has a zinc alloy GB shell making it extremely brittle and susceptible to cracking. Valken BM uses steel G&G CM has entirely stock plastic internals Valken BM has a metal piston head, cylinder head, and o ring air seal nozzle. G&G CM has a plastic notoriously :censored2: hopup unit Valken BM has a steel hopup unit. Besides all that add a 1yr unconditional parts warranty onto the Valken, and that's why it's my pick for guys looking for the best value sub 150. Honestly has everything you'd be upgrading your TM with nowadays preinstalled, besides maybe the motor. And it'll be way more friendly to upgrades than the G&G CM, should you ever decide to go that route in the future
  11. This is one of the oldest problems in airsoft ever since higher discharge batteries became common practice. Basically the stock AEG electrical system is rendered obselete by any battery with an increased amperage output. Amps=/=Volts, so you can get this issue from using large type 9.6v batteries and 7.4 lipos, not just 11.1. A mosfet transfers the electrical load from the trigger contacts to the unit. That's why you need one if you're using any lipo. If you have an 11.1 than you're opening pandoras box so to speak with the entire AEG gearbox, pushing it to run at levels not possible when it was designed. What happens is the increased power makes your motor spin harder and the momentum built up from only a single shot is enough to carry the inertia through the entire system and cycle it again. That being said this issue can be eliminated by using a heavier spring, or your problem will increase if you use a lighter spring. that is why if you're overspinning your system needs a little assistance in the form of Active Braking. It stops the motor instantly when you release the trigger, creating a quicker shot and actually resetting the cycle of your gearbox so that it rests at the exact same point after each shot (that is what is considered 'cycle monitoring' and claimed only achievable with BTC fets/Electronic control units) I've been building and running AB fets exclusively for nearly ten years now, short stroking seems to have been a phase because I used to have tons of the UA guys :pain: talking me because I elected to run AB fets instead. You may hear a rumor "AB kills your motor" what actually is happening is that the increased usage makes your brush commutators degrade faster which happens during normal use anyways. But a high performance build means more wear IMO and I'd rather replace $2 brushes than short stroke and try to perm mod any of my gearbox parts. My $0.02
  12. I agree with hangtight, I didn't believe in R-hop until my buddy got one straight from HSA and it was God tier. His was an original black silicone patch, I'd recommend getting a cold weather patch because they are just as effective and tend to hold up a little bit better. A few places I'd recommend getting R-hops from: Clandestine Airsoft - this place is cheap ships fast from the usa an all around great place to buy from. They keep predone r hopped ZCI & Prommy barrels by HSA in stock along with other r hop stuff you may need. U/Sherlock - operates through R/Airsoftmarket. He personally R hops with cold weather patches and has leagues of experience. A nice thing to note is going this route could mean you using your own barrel, some specific builds require this. He has extensive lapping options available as well. I went with a barrel cold weather patched and max lvl. lapped by sherlock for myself and my buddy's snipers and the results were like staring into the face of God. shot inside the barrel: http://imgur.com/0a0dWyD Our range results were reaching 250+ ft keeping a 6" grouping on .35 and up. 300+ on .4s with a slightly wider spread maybe 8" or 10" but definitely still man sized. If you're looking for a sniper in airsoft, r hop is worth the investment. I will note if you ever plan on using full auto it's probably better to just do what Guges recommended with the Maple leaf bucking because Lapping and R hop effectiveness degrades with use. Also, R hop patches don't really "break" they can only unseat themselves from the barrel window. Which requires RTV silicone reapplication. Compared to how tedious actually cutting and fitting the patch initially is, reseating it is actually quite simple. so there isn't much risk getting the hard work done initially by someone qualified because they won't have to touch it again.
  13. Hello everyone, up for sale today is my pride and joy, the most badass g36 in existence. Unfortunately the wife says I have too many guns, and it was between this and my kwa vector so it's got to find a new home. NO TRADES shipping from 46324 Ready? Here we go. http://imgur.com/a/NO2wN? Base WE G39c (250) + WE-Tech 500fps nozzle for G39 (30) + RA-Tech NPAS Velocity adjustment (15) + RA-Tech CNC steel Trigger (35) + RA-Tech CNC steel Charging handle (30) + Nine Ball purple bucking for VSR-10/GBB (15) + G&G Aluminum RIS for g36 (only available as half of a $220 barrel package for AEGs) + SRC steel rail stabilizer (20, pulled off a vintage SRC STAR RAINBOW G36 RIS. Unavailable elsewhere. Absolutely vital to minimize barrel wobble within the free float RIS, and probably irreplaceable. Mounts solid as a rock via a grub screw on the bottom. + Madbull Gemtech suppressor (40) + SRC Low Profile flip-up sight rail for G36 (only 1 pic of this online, extremely hard to find. Unknown cost. (50?) + SRC G36KV retractable stock for g36 (originally 99, also not in production anymore. Locks in place when folded) + 6x WE G39 Magazines (40 each, all fully intact non leaky) + 1x WE G39 magazine missing follower pieces ($10 on evike) and has a broken baseplate. Everything else is intact and it does not leak at all. (20) + SRC Steel magazine catch (This is one of my proudest custom jobs. It was pulled from the same vintage SRC G36 RIS and professionally modified for compatibility with a WE G39. It locks the mags in solid, same as the stock magazine release, which is also included. I've picked the gun up by the magazine and shook it vigorously to make sure of this) One other thing to mention is the velocity range after installing the NPAS. Fully adjusted I chrono at 345 fps, no adjustment yields 440 fps. I also have an awesome storage compartment made for the adjustment key accessible by folding the stock. The nine ball purple yields 200-225ft effective range on .3s. The rifle has seen under 1000 rounds it's entire life. Also included is a spare selector bar which was modified to shoot semi auto only. Well over 800 has been invested into this rifle which is beautiful inside and out. It has been professionally maintained and upgraded its entire life, AKA babied - and it's worth way more than I can ever ask for it. If you need any more incentive, do the math on how much one of these new (and completely stock) plus 6 additional mags will cost you. $439 shipped CONUS Optic not included http://imgur.com/a/NO2wN? Thanks for looking!
  15. My 3034-based MOSFET units are robust, affordable, and compact. They feature a 3-pin Mini Deans plug standard to keep swapping versions/upgrading simple, and allows you to quickly disconnect your FET in an emergency. All CIA standalone units also include one male mini Deans so you can convert your old harness to CIA QD. This allows your harness to accept plug-and-play attachments coming soon. Gen. 3 FET + normal QD harness only $40 shipped. That includes new contacts, Deans, motor tabs, and 16awg hi flow wiring, and all the work done for you. Digi harness + Basic FET with QD standard starts at $65 with free shipping and a lifetime warranty! I also have these installed in 2 stock full metal m4s. These are for sale as well. For more info, & pricing, visit the page I made just for these units. http://ciairsoft.com
  16. Come join me for open Airsoft play at the Badlandz field Sunday, October 12! Field opens at 8am. We will have areas of the field reserved for Airsoft play. This is the first airsoft event of many hosted by Badlandz and Bad Boyz Toyz. I have been working with the owner of the field to organize airsoft days and I think we have agreed on Airsoft the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. The field is located in Crete, IL. http://www.thebadlandz.com/ Cost is only $20 for play all day! That is 8am-4pm. Invite and share with your friends in the area! I'd like as much publicity for this as possible! Thanks! -Devan, BBT
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