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  1. The search turned up a bunch of unrelated madbull events, and then upon searching "kriss" all I found was the original release.
  2. Does anyone remember when Madbull announced the production of a Kriss back in Febuary? It seemed as if it would be around for summer. Put simply, this was my dream gun. I have not bought a gun sense I heard of this, and now I am sick of waiting. What happened? Is there any news on it? Did they decide not to make it and I just never hear about it? Any information will be helpful. Thank you.
  3. The elise isn't bad if you have owned lotus' before, and actually know what you are doing... All lotus' have the same flaws pretty much. My dad has an elan. Once I am out of school, the new lotus evora will be mine, along with an old europa if I can find one to restore.
  4. I sing the rise and shine song to myself, every day. I guess my mom used to sing it to wake me up, so it got ingrained in my head as I grew up. So... Rise, and shine, and give G.od, the glory glory, rise and shine, and give G.od the glory, glory RISE and SHINE and give G.od the glory glory children of the world. I doubt that is actually how it goes, but that is the twisted version I sing to myself over the years. And no, I' not that religious either... Then I realize I am dumb for singing that song and stop and go about my day. Starting with what homework I didn't do.
  5. No. I have always wanted a shotgun that shot a burst bigger than five smaller than forty without looking like a grenade launcher. If I had to pump anything, that would ruin the deal for me. Make it very practical to shoot and reload with, and don't make it look like a bunch of trash you guys pulled out of your closet, and I will be in love.
  6. I can think of something else you did stupid involving a girl. The girl wasn't there, and probably never heard about it either. The girl WAS involved though. .. The internet, and *cough*forums*cough*, are such a secretive place after all. A place where you can be a total joke one month, and a few months later stick your head back in without anyone noticing. Funny how that works! (I am only hoping some one catches on)
  7. I like people who understand suffixes. I haven't ever heard of Airsoftahol. Therefore you can not be an airsoft-aholic. Although... I have no better phrase, so I shouldn't complain.
  8. Eh, stand up comedy, improv acts, and tuba.
  9. My head hurts... but I have a question. If having an AK makes some one a terrorist, does flying on an airplane also qualify you for this title, therefore prohibiting me from joining the team?
  10. I never said that I wanted more strict gun laws... and I wrote an AP psychology paper on pretty much that same concept of America getting soft and not being able to show dominance... so I don't know why you are telling me that. My point was that people single out abortion as murder, where murder happens all around us in many other ways as well. People just ignore those. I agree, killing some one who poses a threat to my country is not a problem. You are correct about the gun ownership point, so sorry I brought gun rights up. I was wrong, I suppose I have a few things to learn in that regard.
  11. Ha, sometimes America makes me laugh. First, I find it funny the way we argue abortion. People fight over weather an embryo is a human or not. If you believe it is, you believe it is. If you believe it is not, you believe it is not. That argument needs to go away... It is dumb. No one will suddenly be convinced otherwise on what a human life is... You either see it as living or not living. That is not what matters, so stop beating a dead horse and move on to a stance that you can convince people of. Second, for those of you who are strongly against abortion in ALL cases, including rape and what not... What do you feel about war? What do you feel about our criminal justice systems? Gun rights? All the things that do involve death within our country of people that are indisputably living should be dealt with as well. I am not against gun rights, or have anything against or law enforcement, it is just something to consider. Priorities are in line. People who say abortion is murder should look at what else we have done. Was the Iraqi war not murder? Food for thought if nothing else. Consider the deaths within our country and abroad, and hopefully you will see what is going on. We have death all around us, so singling in on abortion is absurd. Now, if you have a hatred for the war in iraq, believe the police need to get in the game in certain major cities, are WILLING to pay the taxes for it, and believe in stricter gun laws, then hey... I tip my hat to you. I do not mind if you go one way or the other, but an anti abortion pro free gun laws, pro war human being is simply beyond me. Lastly, my opinion. I will never encourage any girl into an abortion. I man up. I will always man up... ALWAYS. However, I won't stop some one else from doing so. It is not my place. It is especially not the government's place. I feel it would be awful, however I am not in charge. I won't force any one into anything. I am not better than them, after all. If you feel your morals are "better" than some one who has an abortion, please... I hope you can grow up. Morals are no better or worse, they are personal. The fact is no one on earth is better or worse, and no one knows more or less. I hope no one here feels to be so much better than another to be able to tell them what to do.
  12. I will keep this simple. In terms of airsoft: I don't think airsoft is a high priority on either of the candidates agendas. But rising costs of planetarium equipment is :) In terms of the political arguments: Useless. People like who they like and the intrawebs will not change that.
  13. So help me saint Jebus for those of you serious about VC... Anyways, I suppose I liked bullfrog. Some of the post sheeple members were pretty legit, but I still hear from them at ASB... Honestly, the people I miss are still here, just less active than they were way back whenn. Oh yes, and I agree about NS. Oh, and we all have to miss RS.
  14. Ok, calm down kid. Just wanted to point out that you might not know enough to be telling people about the killer beez petition, and I just wanted people to know it has been brought up that they might not be manufacturing. So, just telling ya' to think about what other companies you may want to produce these heavy weight BBs.
  15. I would recommend you contact multiple people who know them well to make sure they are in fact a manufacturer, and maybe contact them yourself. Killer Beez' lack of stating that they manufacture seems fishy, and it has been pointed out multiple times by people who know the company better than yourself. I would say to contact a DIFFERENT company about all this instead of killer Beez... maybe a company I believe has more of a reputation, and has less confusion behind it all, or at least show conclusive evidence that they manufacture... otherwise this could be a major waste of time.
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