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  1. Holycrap dude...what did you do, rob a bank?!?!?!?!? JK! If I had that much $$ I would buy a Systema.
  2. Yea I understand what your saying but if all airsoft guns were expensive there wouldn't be very many people playing. But heck most clone guns will last a good bit if you downgrade the spring(especially if it's shooting 400+, JG hint hint) and take good care of it.
  3. Star makes an Fnc. It's $200 but thats not that bad. I would like to see a decently priced Bar!
  4. Well I might be able to give yall a little info on brushless motors...I also mess around with RC planes and I have a few brushless motors. So here is the advantage, they are more efficient and are more powerful than brushed motors. So compared to a brushed motor they could pull a larger propeller/piston with the same size battery(if that makes any sense). But yes they do cost more than a brushed motor. But that sounds like a good idea, using brushless motors!
  5. Thats one beautiful gun! Is it supposed to be a support gun?? Cuz thats what it looks like to me. And fenderbender just chill dude, you did a triple post(never seen that before). And no offense but your all over the place, you want something like a sniper rifle then you want something with a box mag.....?????? And generally sniper rifles are spring or gas powered, not an aeg.
  6. I was just wondering, could I just drop in a longer inner barrel in an Aeg(longer than the stock barrel) or would I have to put some different parts or something else in for it to work?? Or do I just need a barrel extension? Should I put in a different hopup chamber? I would probably change the hopup bucking. Cuz I was thinking something like a psg1 barrel in an M16, making it freaky accurate. So 509mm compared to a 650mm barrel, a 5.5 inch difference. Your thoughts? Thanks!
  7. Well I can't help you cuz I don't own one yet. But you should ask namloot, he is very knowledgeable about them. But I might add that I am looking at their m16a4 as a future gun!
  8. LOL off topic again but I'm homeschooled too!! And I agree that it's harder than public school:)
  9. $80?? It would be at least 100 bucks to ship one Aeg to Tx...
  10. He has to be a major moron, selling a $250 gun for 80 bucks...there has to be something wrong with the gun.
  11. ^I second that. Hmmmmmm...kinda disappointing. The externals sound fine for me but it's the internals and accuracy that gets me, 80 feet is pretty bad, I could almost throw a bb that far jk lol. But to make it cheaper obviously they have to make the cut somewhere.
  12. Does anyone know if the CM can use Star m16 mags?? And does anyone know the inner barrel length on the CM??
  13. I saw this gun the other day on ASGI. Great price, $140. If it is as good as the other G&G sportline guns I might pick one up!
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