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  1. You can screw the end out and change it into a 90degree angle end. PDI includes two ends when you purchase the set.
  2. Im sorry, I was supposed to click "reply". By the way, I think I found out now why my springs are bent. My spring guide is a custom cnc milled one and it doesnt have the little teflon ring in it!
  3. I have a similar setup to yours except I use a firefly hard bucking and a pdi 6.01 554mm barrel. with the sp150 im getting 500ish fps. My spring is also bent after 500 shots.
  4. I have the same problem too! And here's how im going solve it next week... BUY A TM VSR10!!
  5. sorry I forgot to mention... to accommodate the 555mm barrel, I bought the pdi bull barrels. you'll have to buy 3 parts: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=19884 http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=18448 or http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=18361 http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=18241
  6. vsr10 and jg bar10 are relatively the same. I've read on forums that a stock bar10 could reach 500fps with DIY mods (here's a mod link I got from airsoftretreat = http://www.airsoftretreat.com/forums/index...?topic=35488.0) But if you would rather upgrade your guns via parts, I would suggest the following: tightbore barrel + good hopup bucking (for accuracy) 150sp laxlax spring (this will get you up to 500ish) laylax zero-trigger set or pdi's v-trigger (this is to make pulling the trigger alot easier and also make your rifle more durable, because the stock trigger will wear out pretty soon with a 150sp spring in it) new piston (I don't know which one is good, but im using the one that came with the zero-trigger set) metal spring guide A new cylinder! (im using laylax's teflon cylinder and I'm having easy bolt pulls, but if I were you I would go for the pdi vc or hd bore-up kit.) With this specification, I'm pretty sure that your rifle will be going 500ish and at the same time it will be durable hope this helps!
  7. yea I checked that bottles don't shoot back too.... I mean.. if u can really get extreme precision, u can choose 'where' to shoot your target. some people have tendencies to NOT go out when they're shot at (cheaters) so I like to be selective at where I shoot them. Next time I'll try and get a clear shot on the nuts lol
  8. I'm currently using a fully upgraded bar10 and really.... I doubt airsoft sniper rifles can have an effective range at 250~300ft (I know the pellets can reach 300ft, but what about accuracy?). When I see people saying that their effective range is around 300ft... do they mean that they can hit a bottle or a man sized target? (I don't know what is the benchmark for this kind of shot :P)
  9. I just got my nineball today and it doesnt seem to fit the 6.01 PDI barrel! the nub that backspins the ball doesnt seem to go in right. I tried assembling the whole thing together and tested out the hopup arm on the chamber and looked through the barrel to see that the nub isnt coming down at all!!.. is anyone having the same problem? I'm pretty sure I did nothing wrong during the installation
  10. is it only the o-ring from the red piston that sucks or all pistons from laylax?
  11. you will see scrape markings on the chamber (the hole where the nozzle is inserted in).
  12. I also get metal shavings in my chamber!!! the nozzle scrapes the right side of the chamber. I'm goign to change the reciever and see if things get better. I think it's because of the bar10 receiver... it might have some production faults causing the cylinder to be disorientated to the right. does your nozzle scrape the right hand side of the chamber?
  13. I was just wondering if the 1mm increase in total diameter of the cylinder was really going to make a big difference... I don't see how it would really effect the rifle's accuracy. Im currently using the pss10 teflon cylinder along with the piston that came with the zero trigger and I'm just contemplating if its really worth changing...
  14. www.redwolfairsoft.com u'll need 3 parts.... pdi bull barrel base, pdi bull barrel, pdi bull barrel cap. I don't know why they don't make a 1 piece 690mm barrel anymore...
  15. I think u should get the bull barrel kit instead of the silencer because with a silencer the inner barrel will be prone to receiving vibrations. With a bull barrel kit, you can put in spacers to make the inner barrel more stable
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