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  1. - hydralover - Norm - Yorba Linda, USC - Slayer750 - Adam - Agoura Hills/Thousand Oaks area - Jericho (Simi) - RunnerGunner - Nathan - Irvine - NathanE92 - Nathan - Glendale ( Los Angeles area) - EchoRecon1 - Frankie - Alhambra (San Gabriel Valley) - Whorify - Dennis - Ontario - SirGlockimus - Patrick - Diamond Bar - mrquackbunny - Dale - Northridge - Maruipro - Thomas - Diamond Bar - Blackpig - Philip - Tujunga (North of Burbank) - psychobunny - Ryan - Monterey Park/ Alhambra area - cstrikeman - Eric - Rowland Heights (San Gabriel Valley/ LA area) - NumbNuts - Logan - Irvine - Suzaku - Justin - Riverside - Allizard - Allen - Yorba Linda - KWA - LtAttiic - Alex - Torrance - Eyecon - Steve - Corona - Scavengre - Steve - Elsinore - Roughneck Member ;) - Shimizu - Justin - Torrance - Will1980 - Riverside - MrTrinh - Vincent - Irvine (Team Dead Cell) - THCfox - Aidan - Riverside (UCR) - Keirosabi - Keir - West Los Angeles - Gunmage - Chris - Mission Hills/San Fernando - DAYWALKER - David - Pasadena - Death From A Mile Away- Collin- Orange County (Mission Viejo) - Master Gecko - Michael - Simi Valley - Lizzard - -Quentin - La Crescenta (almost Glendale) - carbonfibreguy - Ghetto Eastside Palmdale - Antelope Valley - wongton - Albert - UCLA - Teh Vainguard - Taylor - Woodland Hills - a4andy - Andy - Riverside - CSUSB - onandu - Kevin - Fullerton - ndh777 - Nathan - Compton/Temecula - Kyromoto - Jeff - Fontana/ San Bernardino area - Joker224 - Alex - Westminster (Team Dead Cell) - Ciel - Adrien - Tujunga - Brenda (HSP)- Brenda - Bellflower (Hollywood Sports Park) - RazorJack - Nelson - South Los Angeles (south gate area) -Wybot360- Wyatt - Laguna Niguel -Lon3Wo1f - Alan - Huntington Beach -Leinad16- Danny - Corona -SyntaxError- Elliote- Carson (Cal State Dominguez Hills) - D.C. - Diego - Santa Monica (West LA) - SMC
  2. What's with the naked guy in the middle of the review? I don't know what the hell that is...
  3. I'm Diego Castellanos and I've been a member on the site for over a year. I've been playing airsoft for almost 5 years (more seriously for almost 3 years). I regularly contribute to the forum, and love the entire atmosphere of the forum. I've been here through the peak of the forum, and came back after it died down a little. I seem to get along with most members even though I enjoy the occasional argument. I love the forum, and this was my number 1 place for information when I got into airsoft. It was so good, in fact, that I had no need to join for a long time. All the info was already here. I've left a few times for a while but I always end up being drawn back. This is a great place with great people. The mods are some of the best I've seen on any forum, and for the most part the entire ASF community is extremely helpful. I'd love to be able to chat up the OT section once again, and would like to access the rest of the hidden forums, since I don't think I ever petitioned to get in there. I'd love to see what goes on Peace Diego C
  4. I've had both a PC and a Mac. FROM MY EXPERIENCE, PCs are good for gaming and Macs are better for everything else.
  5. Apparently sarcasm goes over everybody's heads on this forum.
  6. Well video editing is a TOUGH task. Does WMM slow down your comp because your comp can't handle it? Because if that's the case, there's no way in hell it can handle anything else.
  7. I got Final Cut Studio 2 for $750 new on Ebay :D Too bad FCS3 came out like two months after I bought it. Now if I wanna upgrade, it's like I bought the third new, lol. Oh well. I don't plan to upgrade too soon. FCS2 is still above and beyond my present skill level. Plus my Macbook Pro was more than $2000 since I had to upgrade to 4 gigs. And then I find out that it cost a little less with 4 gigs already installed at Best Buy. Of course I don't know which version hard drive it had, so that might've been why it was cheaper. Anyway, I'm done with that. For PC, the only editing software I can recommend is Sony Vegas Pro. You might be able to find just the video editing software from Sony Vegas for $100+.
  8. You're not gonna get a good one for free. You could always try to find trials of Final Cut or Premiere Pro to try out.
  9. I'm saying I agree with him. He already explained.
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