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  1. So as of late when I have been shooting my echo1 P90 the hopup seems to have no effect on the BB's. They go probably around 50 Feet max. I took apart the hopup and everything seemed to be fine. I reinstalled and nothing changed. I turned the hopup all the way on and it causes a jam. There seems to be no point in which the hopup will sit in a useable position. I took apart the gearbox to install a new piston and everything was fine. I checked all compression and the gearbox is fine. Maybe is the connection between the air nozzle and the hotup chamber?
  2. I recently replaced the piston in my G&G full metal m4 and it seems to be working just fine. As I was assembling the gearbox the original G&G fire select plate that moves on the outside of the gearbox chipped. Now when it slides it pops out of place and does not function correctly. I scraped the original G&G part and grabbed and echo1 replacement that I had lieing around. I took off the metal part and dremeled the plate to make it thinner as it was too thick to be installed. When I pet the gearbox in the body the fire selector functions fine at first but after switching between safe semi and full a few times it becomes really difficult to move and eventually becomes stuck in safe. When I remove the gearbox the oval piece that is on the inside of the body connecting to the fire selector witch is crooked. I adjust it then and reinstall the gearbox and the process repeats itself. My question is do I need an original G&G selector plate? Idk what it is actually called. Or is it and issue with the selector switch piece?
  3. Hey guys, I’m trying to get up enough money to buy myself a car so I decided I would sell some of my excess airsoft stuff. ALL OFFERS ARE OBO. I HAVENT PLAYED IN A WHILE AND KIND OF FORGOT VALUES SO JUST MAKE ME AN OFFER Lets start out with the guns I am selling. PS ( ON ALL MY GUNS I HAVE THE DEANS ON BACKWARDS FORM THE NORMAL DEAN CONNECTION, NOT A PROBLEM IF YOU USE ONE OF MY BATTERIES OR YOU SWITCH IT AROUND SO ITS NORMAL.) Echo1 M4- $120 Here is my echo1 m4. It has more range than a typical echol1 m4. This is the gun that I can always depend on if another one of my guns has issues which I have fixed all of btw. I have rarely used it since I got it. I added a peq box at the top for the storage of the 7.4 lipo battery that I ran this gun on. Modifications: • Tokyo marui spring set. - Gun in now shooting low 300’s (I stretched o-ring for max compression) • Deans connectors • Systema bucking • Perfect shimming • Regreased and all that business • Removed 2nd tooth on piston Echo1 P90- $200 This gun is very distinct. People come to me after games asking what I did to it because they are so impressed. This gun gave me troubles at first but I eventually figured them out for the best performance. This gun has to be shooting about 25bps with a 7.4 lipo ( what I used with it) and pushing 30bps with a fully charged 9.6 (INSANE!) Modifications: • New half metal piston with 2nd tooth removed and either m100 or m110 spring • Ghetto tan paint job • Box mag • Ab mosfet • Deans • Reshim and regrease • G&P m120 highspeed motor • Systema bucking • I put a bolt through the back because the system that kept the gear box in place that was built into the p90 broke so there is now a small bolt going through the body in the back, keeping the gearbox in place (its not a big deal, it can be removed for work on the internals). G&G M4- $320 This gun is my pride and joy. I have added many things to the gun to get it to be one of the best. It may not look the coolest but it has one of the best aeg performances. specs: • G&P full stock (can fit bigger than a large 9.6) • Free float ris • G&P m120 highspeed motor • Regrease and reshim • Forgot what piston was in it but it was expensive (removed 2nd tooth) • Deans • Prometheus neo strike hopup chamber • Prometheus 6.03 barrel • Ball bearing spring guide • M100 spring • Stock gears • Metal body Now time for everything else • utility pouch- $6 • green mag pouch- $6 • Tan mag pouch- $6 • Tan bladder- $10 • H- harness with molle belt- $30 make me some offers. Reasonable though. There a a few midcaps whatever the good brand was because they were the expensive kind and there are many more hicaps
  4. same thing happened to my G&G m4. the motor connector is loose. crimp the connector or put some electrical tape on top of the connector to add pressure to keep it in place. if that doesnt make sense just tell me and I will try to rephrase it.
  5. I bought 2 of the orange full rack half metal piston and one of them the frint kind of crumbled after around 200 rounds. those other put a p90 box mag though it at about 28 rps. Maybe I got a lemon piston but I don't know. I will have to inform everyone on how the other orange one performes
  6. my G&G sounds like a chain saw, all I added was a gp m120 motor along with a cbp lare elite 9.6 and deans. I did reshim though
  7. I always order small inexpensive things from ehobby because their in hong knog so I would say that they wouldnt have amazing support
  8. above 25 rps. insane rof to me is around 40
  9. does it make a difference? I really like it, your p90 inspired me to do this. I will be using the box mag so I wont be switching mags often
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