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  1. http://www.evike.com/products/53760/ Amped Grip lines will NOT fit a V12. Sucks I wasted $18.50 on.
  2. The P* gold Poppet worked just during a full day of play. But Ive not been able to get very consistent readings. They are all still with in 5 FPS but with the stock poppet I was getting a + or - of 1 fps. I think this is because of my BBs. My son likes to dump all the bags of BBs into a bottle. They are the same weight just different brands.
  3. But it will cost you an arm and a leg!!!
  4. Another quick update on my V12 project. After shorting the trigger pull I noticed that it will had quite a bit of movement after the trigger switch engaged. I was able to add a shim to shorten this. The trigger has very little movement now. Also the P* poppet valve fit just fine. It's too dark to chrono it so I'll post those results tomorrow.
  5. Any HPA gun has adjustable FPS and ROF. The Tippmann has recoil where others don't. Just keep in mind that the Tippman dose have some problems.
  6. No problem! Cool thing about the Apex is that it comes with a 6.03 TBB are a rotary hop unit. All you will need next is a R-hop.
  7. The trigger mod was also easy to do. Just look it up on YouTube. It still has alot of trigger movement after the trigger brake. Nest time I open the gear box I'll see if I can shorten it also.
  8. I will now confirm that the S2 Lighting Banjo will work in a V12. It requires a small amount of modding on the shell to allow it to fit. Not sure if that is true with all setups by my S2 required a small brake in period before I was getting consistent chrono readings. It work fine during a full day of play and I'm now getting only a 1 fps up or down flux on my chrono. Some of my Hi Caps are a little old and will only feed so fast. With my Nozzle forward timing at 10 and the nozzle back at 20 with the RoF at 5 or 6 most of my mags feed fine. The the new barrel setup also works very well.
  9. Question 1 and 2 all really depend on what you want to do with it. 1. For a basic field or CQB rifle the jack will work fine. For a DMR I would get to FE. 2. Carbon Fiber tanks are lighter. Unless your playing Milsim or at a field that can't refill your tank a basic 48/3000 tank be fine. If you need your tank to last as long as possible, than bigger is better. It just depends. You can spend from $50 to $200 on a tank. 3. Amped Airsoft makes some good stuff. I really want to try the grip line with the 90 degree fitting. 4. I've only use a Redline regulator so I can't give much info on the topic. I will say that the Redline dose come with a tournament lock and extra safety features. Kinda funny! I was considering picking up an Apex to drop a jack into before I got my V12.
  10. CQB Russian valve in the extended mags. Thanks man I'll keep that in mind.
  11. I have considered that it will take longer to change the mags. I feel that playing the sniper role will allow me more time to change out my mags. Also, it would be easy to go back to gas if I discover that I don't like the remote line.
  12. I'm strongly considering changing most of my airsoft guns over to HPA! With every field and or event having different FPS limits HPA seams like the best choice. For my sniper I was looking at getting an KJW M700 and tapping the mag. I have just a few questions. Is the M700 a good system or would I be better off with something else? Other than barrel and bucking what other upgrades would it need to be effective? Will I be able to adjust it to shoot from 400FPS to around 630FPS? What is the max PSI can I put into a gas mag? Thanks for all the help!!!
  13. Quick update. Finally got moved in my new house and got to play a few games. I had some trouble with it Jamming on me. Come to find out that the lips on the G&G green bucking where folding in causing a pinch jam. I said F it and just changed out the barrel, bucking, and unit. It now has a 6.03 300mm TBB, prowin hopunit, modifiy bucking. I was also having some feeding issues settings. Went back to the stock settings and now it works fine. With my TBB and a gold nozzle I'm getting 395 FPS at 80psi with my dwell at 2. A local store here named command post will be doing a custom injected R hop I will also do some testing a gold poppet and the red nozzle and let you know how it works.
  14. Stigma for copying someone else? Lol this is airsoft, our entire sport is a copy of real guns and military combat. For that matter every AEG is a copy of TM designs. The funniest part is that people get mad when an AEG doesn't take TM parts. From what I'm being told in a V12 owners group is that it will take P* poppets but you need valken nozzles. I'm going to run the gold poppet to restrict the air flow and use the TBB to bring the fps back up. According to Amped Airsoft this is the most air efficient setup. As far as wide bore barrel setups go I only understand the basics but I'm still learning.
  15. I would like to start with saying thanks for all the comments in my last topic! Secondly, I know the V12 system has a bad rap and it wouldn't have been my first choice if I didn't get a good deal on it. Please keep all comments productive! I picked up a CM16 with a v12 preinstalled, red line regulator, ninja 62 3000 tank. It also has a Mad Bull Gemtech SD kit with longer outer barrel installed so that the silencer meets the end of the rail. The Internet has very little information on the V12 system so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I plan on installing a 300mm 6.03 TBB with a R hop and was wondering what would give me the best set up for a 400 fps field rifle? What color nozzle and poppet? What settings for a 25 rps that won't waste any air? Any comments other than switch to a P* will be greatly appreciated!
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