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  1. Yes I mean customer like us and not retailer. I got an answer from polarstar/bjoni Thx anyway ^^
  2. After you cooked the cylinder can you move the cylinder smoothly?
  3. I'm wondering if it's possible to buy some stuff from http://www.polarstarairsoft.com/ directly as a Enduser? I'm a little bit confuse now because there are no need to pay for the shipment to austria / europe. Thx alot
  4. <AT>mods please delete this thread thx
  5. sharingan

    TM L96

    you have to wait a little bit for more upgrade parts....PDI/Xfire released some parts for your sniper rifle.
  6. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a lightwight blowback housing for my TM 1911 (prime delta kit). The Airsoft Surgeon seems to be out of stock in HK. I found a nine ball one. http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...il?prodID=26485 Will this also fit into my 1911 ?
  7. If you are planning to make a vdv impression then buy followings: -blue telnyashka 15USD -flora bdu for 50USD -6sh92 combat vest 125USD -green bandana if you enough $$ Borit Helmet 700USD 6B13 Bodyarmor 250USD etc etc then you are the hero on the field :D I can't recommend SPLAV stuff. My Comrades destroyed their pants very easy-->heavy load on the side bag and crouched -> pants has a big hole in the middle (where the vented hole is) Get SPOSN Stuff instead. I recommend you the shop soviet-propaganda...you can just contact dmitry. he has many things which is not on his website (creating new webshop with more items) If you have any question feel free and PM me.
  8. very interessting barrel. I have some question: -did you still notice if you get hit by a 330fps gun at 60 meter?? -how to clean the barrel? Inside the riflng their might be some dirt that you can't remove very easly -> very bad accuray because one airflowchannel is blocked
  9. Hi Guys, I'm just wondering. Do you guys know about it, because most of the guns are out of stock even the magazine? Or do you have to "preorder" it? It's the same with the upgrade parts...most of them are OOS.
  10. if you are willing to send it to austria/europe then I'm interessted.
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