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  1. This one happened about a week ago. I was reffing a downed pilot game. We had 1 downed pilot and 2 teams of 4 were looking for him. Before we started the game the pilot got in his best camouflage and brought a camo net cover. We get into the woods and he hides in a good spot by a tree under his camo net. I throw some leaves on him, but I could still see him. So after I added some rocks, sticks, and a whole tree branch on top of him (wth more leaves) he was INVISIBLE. S the teams come looking for him. It's getting dark quick and both teams are way off, so I try to find the pilot (even I had trouble finding him) and when I found him I tell him I've sent the teams in this direction to find him. If you saw me, it would have looked as if I was talking to a tree. Anyways, the 'good guys' have a code to tell him they're the rescue team. They go yelling the code around the woods, but they don't know they've stepped literally 2 feet away from him. He was hidden that well. So as they planned what to do to find him, while he was only a step away, he says "Psst, hey guys!" jumps up, and scares them all to death. Anyways, they finally found him. Now I wish I set up some hidden cameras to record how close they got to him.
  2. Pretty good discussion going on here. The problem's been getting better. I think the best idea so far is if you try to fight instead of surrenduring from within the 15 or 20 feet, you get shot. I used surrender on the last game, bu then I realized there was 2 of them so I had to shoot both of them from just within the surrender range. I don't know about if you have a 'clear' shot from 50 feet, but if the enemy's surrounded, sounds good to me. I just have to enforce this rule with one or two players who were absent from the last game and would rather just shoot than surrender under any circumstances. Now I just have to worry about the people who run way out of bounds for the CQC games and ruin it for everyone.
  3. Actually they did do a review of them on airsoft mechanics. It's under a biodegradable BB test. They performed really well, and I found them to be even more accurate than KSC Perfect BBs.
  4. http://www.biovalbbb.eu/ VOILA! I've been doing my own research to find the best biodegradable BB for our whole team to switch to. For cost efficiency and everything, Biovals seem to be the best brand out there. But has anyone ever had one of these jam up or break up in their gun? That's one reason some people in our team won't switch. I've personally only had that problem with extremely cheap/poor quality bios.
  5. So we all know the surrender rule. The exact distance varies per team, but generally anything closer than 20-15 ft the rule is to that instead of shooting you must yell "SURRENDER!" and the other person stands down to avoid being shot too close. Simple enough. Good safety precaution in my book. But my airsoft team's been having problems with this rule lately. Either we have people who completely disregard the rule and point blank shoot people with some of the most powerful guns, or we have people who sneak up on a team and that one person forces them all to surrender. So my question is how do you propose we can properly enforce the surrender rule and how can we deal with things like one person surrendering 5 or 6 people. We really need to get this rule right, because the people who abuse or disregard the rule are discouraging others from joinging or continuing to play with our team.
  6. I have several, and they get better as each goes on. 1.) I'm airofting with a spring shotgun in a little sinkhole in the woods, pretty much a cave. It's perfect to defend as a base, since the enemies have to come down a narrow path in front of us. My friend, a guy who has good accuracy but is way too cocky about it and says everyone else is horrible compared to him, is on top of the sinkhol with a sniper pointed straight forward. He also claims no one could sneak up on him. So We're all lookng forward for like 10 minutes and I decide to look back and check on him. Guess what, I see the enemy sneaking up next to him, pretty much in plain sight, yet still undetected. So I decide to shoot with my springer shotgun, since the enemy has no idea I'm down below, but I pull the tigger and realize I haven't cocked the thing. So I do and shoot the enemy perfectly in the torso, a clean shot. My friend looks up and realizes how wrong he was about his inability to being snuck up on and my good accuracy. 2.) This one happened 2 weeks ago. We were playing a convoy game in the woods, where we drive a vehicle to a point and 2 of the 3 people in go out to retrieve an intel deeper in the woods where the vehicle won't fit. So I get to the location, an old deerblind, alone, my friend with me took to long to get to the objective. I scan the area, seeing no one there. The fact that no one shot me while I was in the open supports my belief no one was there. I check the deerblind for enemies and reach inside for the intel and I hear a barrage of BBs on the wall. I spin behind another wall for cover and shoot at where I think the enemy is. No luck. My friend says, "Hey, I must've hit you!" but in all onesty he didn't. Big mistake on his part, though, because now I knew he was in the tree, and by reflexes alone, I shot him out of the tree. I still don't know why he didn't shoot me while I was in the open and how he could've missed, he was less then 7 feet from me. 3.) This one is my friend's kill, but it really takes the cake. We're playing President and it's against one enemy, the sharpshooter from #1. The President is almost to the evac point, so we just have to keep the enemy busy once he respawns. A friend and I pin keep our guns aimed on him, waiting for the respawn. He sits on the ground and chuckles. "You know," he says, "this reminds me of the one time I-" and he switches his gun to full auto, a gun which is extremely heavy, and manages to spin it and himself around, dodging our fire and taking both of us out as well. We still won the game, but that was epic!
  7. I have 3 annoying things, they happened on the same day too. 1.) My friends and I are airsofting at my ranch. This was going to be the first time airsofting for 2 girls in our group, but one of them couldn't leave when we were leaving in the morning. So we decide she can go with a second group of friends, but they claim they already left and can't pick her up. So she cant get to play with us. What annoys me is they showed up 3 or 4 hours after us, so they really could've picked her up. 2.) When they arrived, we just finished a game and were hungry. So those of us who were already there decided to go get burgers and was gonna get the new group some as well (they wanted to play a game by themselves). So on the drive back I noticed they closed the gate to my ranch to keep my car from pulling in, no problem there. Just a funny joke. So I get out and notice one of them hiding, prone in the grass with his gun pointed at me. OK, part of the joke right? So I wave and he SHOOTS me while I have no gear, gun, or most importantly, EYE PROTECTION on. Furthermore I was right next to my car, so he could have easily it that as well. I'm mad, so I storm over to him, but then the rest of that group, hiding behind a tree, decides to shoot me too. So I'm comp[letely angry and they act like they did nothing wrong. They just waltz over and as where their food is like nothing happened. I've never had this problem with them before and I expected better from them. 3.) After I finally cooled down from that incident, we are all resting in the shade, since it was extremely hot. The second group says they want to play Protect the President, and since one person on our team (the new girl) didn't feel like playing, we were outnumbered and outskilled. 2 of the other team's members are sons of a US Marine and one other is a seasoned hunter. None of us have any skill like that, so we ask to rearrange the teams to make it more fair and fun for both sides, but they say no and that they are already set up. So their messenger leaves to join the ambush and I decide we might as well go in with a solid plan. I spend 30 min giving them quick training and setting up a formation and we go out. As we do so they come back, mad that we haven't fallen into their trap in a game we don't want to play. They get their water and go back, we sneak around a back way and into the woods into an undetected position. I'm surprised how well we're doing, so we send out a scout who tells us where they are and we start setting up a counter-ambush right under their noses. At this point one of their team, very impatient, complaining why we haven't shot yet or more importantly, why they haven't trapped us. Since when was the game COMPLETELY about shooting? I would do paintball for that. Its about strategy, and our strategy just kept us safe from their trigger happy ambush they so desperately and impatiently failed at trapping us in. So that day was all pretty annoying.
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    Hey, I've been playing airsoft and browsing this forum for about a year. I finally decided to get an account here, so hi everyone!
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