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  1. ...WTF is that crap? The stock's not rescuable, and I doubt the internals are worth the box it comes in. Could probably get better performance with a can of DustOff and a drinking straw. I'm aiming for "Unique appearance for decently performing replica" not "über tacticool noobsoft".
  2. I'm aware they're two completely different actions and that there'd be a ton of modding to do. And I'm well aware it'd take fifty bucks worth of sweet, sweet devcon to do it. You know what.. it, I'll just get This
  3. With the proper measuring tools and techniques, you could self-draw an exact copy. And yeah, you're never going to get the drawings from another company.
  4. Yeah, they're definitely getting wedged, jammed, caught, or otherwise traumatized. Might also check that there's nothing wonky with the bolt while you're at it.
  5. The second stock I have pictured is better in some respects and worse in others, from what I can tell. It's more generously cut around the bolt area so less modding will be needed there, it's got a much longer forearm which is good in a sniper rifle, there's a rail on the bottom of that forearm which is covered by a built in detachable cover, and it's much lighter. The downsides are that it's not as sturdy, doesn't have a built in sling stud but rather the bottom rail, and doesn't have a removeable pistol grip. Also, I'd prefer to use heavy duty epoxy for the bedding, which might be a bit much for the lighter weight one. I don't know if it's fiberglass or ABS, something I need to find out. Edited to add: I know the aluminum stock is compatible with all M4 stocks, but I don't know about the second one.
  6. So if you wanted a safe option, do something like get a spare outer barrel, and weld the suppressor/barrel extension to the barrel. I may be mistaken in my interpretation, but if the suppressing article is permanently attached to ANYTHING that would prevent it from being attached to a real steel firearm without cutting, it counts, whether or not the thing it's attached to is permanently attached to the replica.
  7. If it works once, it works.
  8. If the primary purpose of an item is or can be construed to be to suppress the sound of a firearm, it falls under the legal definition of suppressor according to the BATF. A waterbottle's primary purpose is to hold water, a pillows primary purpose is to support your head while you sleep, but a metal tube filled with foam with 14mm CCW threads on one end seems to indicate it goes on a gun, and makes it quieter. The foggy area is with unfilled mock silencers, aka "Barrel Extenders". They don't contain anything to make an attempt to quiet the replica, only to cover up the length of the inner barrel, HOWEVER, they still MIGHT make a real steel weapon quieter.
  9. I saw a Jerry's Sports Center catalog that showed the most tacticool looking Ruger 10/22 ever, so I had a thought about modding a modular 10/22 stock to fit an M700. The specifics of the modifications would depend on the specific size and profile of the stock and the airsoft replica it was being modified to fit. This is a ~$200 aluminum stock with a standard AR collapsible stock and pistol grip, so it'll fit any replacement. Another option would be something like this, a $100 fiberglass one I'm not sure how big the 10/22 stock is, as far as whether or not it would fit all the mech for any given airsoft sniper rifle. Obviously it would be better suited to something like the M700, mostly because the mag is in a reasonable place, unlike say.. a BAR10. The magwell would definitely need to be lengthened. Mind you, if I did it, I'd have a full up machine shop for the modifications to the stock, and maybe even do some fiberglass bedding. Of course, at this point, we're talking a $200 mod to a $200 replica, but it'd be sweet. Espescially since you could swap out that LE stock with a Magpul PRS. What do you think? Feasible, possible, sane?
  10. You can about what my thirty seconds of googling turned up and provide nothing useful, or you can contribute.
  11. Yeah, I'd carry just the MP5. If you HAD to have both, I'd do something like getting a QD sling and wearing it on the opposite side and cinched up tight and just detaching it if you need it.
  12. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...products_id=994 might be good also. Not quite as authentic as something like a chicom chest rig, but a little more practical as far as airsofting needs.
  13. MARPAT is perfect for Seattle, but any old Woodland will work. ALICE is the pistol belt and suspenders. Think.. "Platoon". MOLLE is the stuff with the loops all over it. MOLLE: ALICE: Suggested Seattle Camo Options: M81 Woodland Woodland MARPAT CADPAT Seattle-Area Military Surplus Stores: http://www.gr8gear.com/catalog/index.php http://www.surplustoo.com/map.htm
  14. The purpose of the sniper's sidearm is to make quick shots within short distances, 10-100 feet. The only upgrade it could really benefit from is a tightbore barrel, which will help increase your effective range and accuracy. It's not supposed to shoot 400 FPS or something... I'd rather have a sidearm I'd feel okay with myself about if I accidentally shot someone from five feet away rather than have a sidearm that has its own minimum engagement distance. Also, to the left of "Z" and to the right of "/" are two really awesome keys. Should check them out sometime.
  15. Yar, for those sort of 'opfor' type loadouts, I'd +1 the 'form follows function' mentality. Carry what you need, with a sort of cobbled-together feel to it. Mismatched camo, 'modified' uniforms (sleeves gut off, tattered pantlegs), a piece of rope or paracord for a sling, or an oldschool leather sling, maybe even a "distressed" gun if damaging your beautiful AEG doesn't cause you to weep bitter tears. It annoys me when people go "OMG I R INDIGENOUS FORCES!" and their loadout is black molle gear and a balaclava and a tacticool AK.
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