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    Classic Army G3 SAR, Classic Army SR-25, Classic Army MP5SD, ICS Galil, KWA MP7, KJW 226, KWA M93R, Maruzen PPK, Marushin Derringer, TM Five-seveN, Wingun Revolver, ACM M500, Clone Trishot, Clone M1014.
  1. Cough Cough not so quick sale... cough cough ha ha. Bump it up.
  2. There are some homemade ways to keep them off without resorting to harsh chemicals. Vinegar, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and a few others work very well when combined with water in a spray bottle.
  3. I have a spare SR-25 mock suppressor I am looking to sell. I traded my rail system without it and have no need for it any more. $40 plus shipping.
  4. Dear fellow California airsofters, Meet our new best friend, Plastidip :D
  5. I am looking to expand my IMI collection with an UZI. Please PM me if you have one that you are willing to sell.
  6. Here are a few shots of my ICS Galil and newly acquired TM Desert Eagle, the beginning of an IMI collection possibly.
  7. I am looking to buy some parts to fix up my Five-seveN, I need a black slide, control set (black), and a loading nozzle/muzzle. I am also looking at trading my Classic Army SR-25 for a 416 or SA58.
  8. Halloween match at my old field. Two of us decided to start the game off with a bit of a bang. I left staging with 6 thunder bs and my partner with 4 tornados. I palmed four and had a teammate pull the pins so they were ready (and I prayed I didn't trip haha). At the buzzer we sprinted to the other side and I pitched all four along the floor, each passing a separate barrier. Before they went off I grabbed and threw the remaining two behind different walls. My partner was tossing his at the same time. After the explosions, we witnessed the entirety of the other team walking back to spawn (less than 15 seconds into the match). Then we got to grin as we walked by them picking up the spent grenades. Funny enough the most amazing part was that every thunder b went off perfectly (these were the first generation ones). The walls were echoing for a while after that match.
  9. I find that dual-mags take me longer to reload versus using a dump pouch sometimes, it depends on the gun really.
  10. I am looking to trade my Classic Army SR-25 for a KJW KC02
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