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  1. Cheers for the help, All the lube was wiped off while I was taking the pictures, I'l re lube it when the sear arrives and I put the gun back together.
  2. Well spotted, I'l see about getting a new trigger sear then.
  3. Why would mixing brands be a problem? Heres Some images The Old Piston Sear:
  4. Okay so my VSR 10 G-Spec has been out of action for a while, I figured it was the sears but with me not playing airsoft for a while I decided against buying the parts straight away. Anyway I got a replacement piston sear the other day and put it in, however the gun is still slam firing, IT :censored2: fine but when I put the bolt forward it just shoots forward. My Setup is a Marui VSR 10 G-Spec with the following: Upgraded spring (First Factory 130%, the gun shoots at about 470fps - the site limit) Laylax VSR 10 Piston and a new PDI piston sear Everything else is stock. I will post pictures of the internals a bit later. Thanks for your help. Miles
  5. Its not a case of me being to weak, its the fact the gun slam fires...
  6. Spring went in the right way, I'm still having the same problem
  7. Bump - Okay so it doesn't seem to be anything to do with the trigger pull or stroke. However I decided to take out the new spring and put in the old stock one, just to see if it made a difference. It did... The gun shoots fine when the stock spring is in it. Any ideas on what it is with the new spring, I thought it may be because there's more pressure on the sear and maybe the sears have worn down just enough to not keep the piston back?
  8. Okay, Thank you very much for your help, I'l try get hold of a new spring guide sometime soon and I'l go over the internals once again to make sure everything is where it should be.
  9. Hey guys, Okay so I'm having a bit of trouble with my VSR 10. Well I say a bit of trouble, its broken... IT was firing fine then al of a sudden, I pull the bolt back, go to push it forward and its really stiff, return it to the fully pulled back position, remove the mag clear out the BB and go to close the bolt again, only this time its really stiff and when I push it forward a few millimeters it fires. Like an idiot I repeat the process to make sure it wasn't a fluke accident, sure enough happens again. So I stop firing it and take it back inside to try and figure out the problem. My first thought is that the sears have worn out. But this makes no sense as I don't have the gun shooting insanely hard and I have only put maybe 500 shots through it? Full Gun specs: Stock Tokyo Marui VSR 10 G-Spec w/spring upgrade <AT> around 365fps I fully disassemble the gun to get a good look at the internals and find out what is going on. sure enough the sears all appear to be fine. opening the trigger assemble shows nothing that looks either broken or out of place. the only thing I can find in the gun thats looks broken is the spring guide; of which the metal stopper?(I think this is what you call it) is coming out of the back much further than it should be. I tap this back into place and re-assemble the gun, yet the same problem still occurs. I really have no idea what is going on, this problem has exceeded my knowledge of this gun so I'm turning to you guys for help. failing thats I'm going to have to take it into my local store and get them to look at it and charge me £30 odd for the privilege (Which I really don't want to do...) I will get pictures of all the internals up when I have some time. For now however thanks in advance. Miles
  10. From my experiences I would have to say go with the JG, I don't know much about AGM but looking at their products, JG seem to be the better quality. If you know someone with the gun your after, or your local shop stocks it then it might be a good idea to test out the two brands and see which one you think is better, or which one suits you best. As for the Mid Range/Short Range use of the M4, it would depend on the FPS. I can't see the stubby or Stubby Killer being a problem in CQB but you will have to watch the FPS and most likely get it downgraded as the China guns tend to have very high FPS' out of the box.
  11. Welcome to the forum :) Maybe the batteries have shorted? can't imagine how though ?
  12. ... Edit: To Keep on topic I have the Double Eagle M56 AL (the long one) and I use .2's
  13. Miles, killer


    Good quality ones ;) "370ish with .2g BB's" you may want to consider .25s, they wont have the same FPS but the will be more accurate
  14. http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/M14-M14-soc...ount_AK8YM.aspx That goes over the ejection port. I thought the M14 SOCOM already had a rail on it ?
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