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  1. I am looking for a large pair of A-TACS Camouflage tactical gloves. I am not sure if they actually exsist in A-TACS camo though, and can anybody help me out? Thank you.
  2. I am looking for a 'Dark Green' Campaign Hat Cord with Acorns. I pay through PayPal. Thank you.
  3. I am looking for an O.D. Green Pistol Lanyard. Rectractable or Gemtech Coil style. Must be Olive Drab or Army Green. Not foliage green! I pay EMT - PayPal.
  4. I am looking for a Safariland Holster 6004-73 Molded Plastic Magazine {fits Beretta 92FS} in 'U.S. Woodland Camouflage' or anywhere I can buy them. Thank you.
  5. I am looking for information regarding a SAFARILAND 6004 073 - Beretta Dropleg Holster. Does anybody know if it is compatible with or will fit any other gun? Thank you.
  6. For me the U.S. Woodland Camouflage Pattern is the best camouflage! I have been using it for years - airsofting, hunting, paintballing etc. It is so widely available, usually easier to get your hands on and it is often cheaper than most of the other modern camo patterns. I guess to most people they deem it as now being old stock camouflage or see it as being an obsolete camo pattern since the introduction of the new digital patterns in recent years. I would disgree with this thinking. Alright, I do agree that a digital pattern will break up any outline or shape better that the regular pattern. Also you are usually able to find nearly every item or piece of gear/kit that has been produced to date in Woodland. I know there can be a down side with new and more modern update kit/gear where companies are less likely or are no longer willing to produce kit/gear in woodland camo! This pattern works best for me as it is great to use it in all the vast and various shades of green fields we have here in Ireland anyhow. Not much use for DCUs or ACUs BDUs here in Irealnd unless I go to the beach! Ha..ha!
  7. I am looking for your old U.S.M.C Hexon 8 Point or U.S. Army Patrol Cover Caps. I would like to get a 'lot' of caps - two to three or four max in the lot. Must be Woodland or Marpat only! Must have intact green vent/airhole eyelets either side. Any condition. Preferably used - will accept broken bills, rips or tears. I am not looking to pay more than a few dollars for each. I can pay through EMT - Paypal. You must be willing to ship international to Ireland. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for the offer, but it has to be Medium/Large.
  9. I am looking for a genuine issue ACU ACH helmet cover. Either made by Gentex or Lions volunteers etc. New or second hand. Size: medium/large. Must be genuine issue. Preferably with ir tabs or at least with velcro tabs placement. And also rear comms flap. I can pay through PayPsl. Must be willing to ship international to Ireland. Thank you.
  10. I bought a helmet light from Vietboy1st. He is an excellent seller! Great communication, fast shipping, 100% honest and above board! I highly Recommend! A10+
  11. I still need a Coyote/Dark Tan Sure Fire Helmet light with helmet attachment ASAP! I can pay immediately through EMT - PayPal. Thank you.
  12. No thank you. It has got to be the real thing!
  13. I need a second hand Coyote/Dark Tan Sure Fire Helmet light with helmet attachment ASAP! I can pay through EMT - PayPal. Thank you.
  14. Does anybody know where I can get some custom made metal insigina? Preferably with no minimum order or at least take small orders? Thank you.
  15. I am looking for a Woodland Camouflage Recon Wrap & a Woodland Camouflage Rifle Scope.
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