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    Currently own: -DMR SPR, -Project Magpul ~~~ ~~~ Sold: -Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU (Sold $135) -G&P WOC Defender (Sold $550) -G&P Defender (Parted out for roughly $525), -JG M4 S-system (Won at SC village event raffle) (sold $110), -Echo 1 ER-25K (Won at ASGI Shooting Contest) (sold $240), -KWA M1911-DS PTP (sold $110 without mag), -Marui Mp5 with CA metal body (sold $200), -Echo 1 G36 (sold $80), -KWA Glock 17 & 18 (sold total $210)
  1. Are the magpul mbus sights the PTS ones? Ill take it if it is.
  2. Still looking for a G&P body?
  3. Hi guys. Today I'm selling 4 genuine Magpul Pmags and a Tokyo Marui gen. 2 Tracer unit. The Pmags are in good condition and feed well. They have some wear on them from normal use. The Tracer unit is also in good condition and lights up every BB on full auto up to about 25rps on fresh batteries. There are some blemishes on the outside metal casing. No batteries included. Prices: 4x Magpul Pmags = $70 shipped (not splitting it up atm) Tokyo Marui gen. 2 Tracer unit with a 1800 rd. bottle of G&G 0.20g Tracer BB's = $70 shipped Pics: Paypal only. I am an honest seller and will take care of you. Thanks for your time.
  4. The guns don't belong to just me tho. I only own two of the armalites and one of the MP9s. The LR is one of my other friends' and the rest is Cstrikeman's Cuz AR's are awesome :)
  5. Herro! Havn't been on here in quite a while. Got bored last week and decided to do a lil airsoft photoshoot since cstrikeman was over and had all his guns in the car. Photoshoot came out nicely in my opinion. Just a hastly done thing, nothing professional
  6. LOL, I have a serpa holster for 1911's. =] It has the attatchment to attach to your belt
  7. Check ebay from time to time. I got a prommy tune up kit before that included HS gears, bearing spring guide, bearing piston head, 6mm bearing bushings, a prommy hard piston and a pack of shims for $57 shipped. =]
  8. Haha nice gun plus this is one of the longest threads in BST that I remember seeing for a long time. May I suggest breaking it into pieces and selling it like that? That works best in my experience rather than selling a whole gun. Good Luck! Free Bump!
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