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  1. Sup community, been a while. Bought a G&P receiver years ago and had problems with a fairly large visable gap between the upper and lower receiver when shut. Looking to get a new one, what yall reccommend. Been out of the hobby for at least years so I have no idea what manufactures are make what anymore. Rigidity and lack of gaps is priority along with quality control. Markings and whatnot come second. Thanks in advance.
  2. +1 there can always be fitting issue with some of the better parts aswell. I had slide catching problems when installing my airsoft surgeon housing. But pay attention when you starting shaving metal off, you don't want a loose fit.
  3. anyone have an opinion on the 9ball aluminum mags ?
  4. could I get the same result by just using silicon oil?
  5. 5.1 with 9ball SAS kit and maybe a TLR-1. Also don't want to pay 30+ for what I can make at home for 10.
  6. This question is directed at those who have some experience when it comes to working with heated thermoplastic. If I do not have a mold to make the holster and decide to use my replica to shape it, what steps may I need (if any) to take to ensure that no damage occurs the finish of the replica? Saw a few guides where the individual wrapped the replica in foil to mitigate heat and contact but resulted in a lot of overall diminished detail in the the holster. Do I have to worry about the kydex binding to anything particularly the ABS? Can I get away with just coating the gun in Silicon oil before heating?
  7. If your still interested please respond to my pm. bump
  8. Color is black, cant believe I forgot that. And no, I no longer attend DBHS. Ima Graduate son lol
  9. Kinda want a change on my M4 so I thought that I might sell my Casv in the process. The Rail is used but still in good condition. Some scratching on the places, all of it mostly on the parts that locks the thing together. Ill post pics up soon. Im want to get 90 shipped for this thing. If you are local to my city then that would be awesome (Really Really want to sell this to a local).
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