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    -aftermath kirenex (electric) -swiss arms bolt action peice of crap sniper rifle :P (spring) -some taurus .40 replica pistol (CO2) -ESS goggles -Blackhawk Tac vest with assorted MOLLE gear -BDUs/ACUs (situation dictates) -some pimped Real Tree boonie from walmart -Vibram Boots (uncomfortable mofos) -some shitty balaclava from basic (rarely wear it) -camelbak -blood -sweat -beer (no, i didnt mean tears)
  1. im guessing from elder scrolls III or IV (they used the some of the same phrases, just redubbed them for the new one) my battlecries are wide and varried (and I really only do it if im the last man standing, or if im a decoy), but my standbys: WUZZZUUPPPP M**************S?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? GET SOME! AWWWW, U GOT ME! NOT!!! TRY AIMING, I HEAR IT HELPS! ITS NOT A BLOW GUN, UR GONNA NEED AN AIR BOTTLE! (I was a paintballer until it got too expensive) and basicaly whatever will get someones attention
  2. is the gearbox alone the weak point in an aftermath? I would imagine I could upgrade that as well, right? either way, I know I want to stay with an M4 replica. if I were to make a serious hobby out of it, would u recommend I stayed with the aftermath and just upgrade it, or is it a "lost cause" for serious play?
  3. after reading around in the battery section of this forum, and crunching a few numbers according to some of the helpful information that is in there, I figured this battery would do me fine. as I said before, im not real big on the full auto fire, I prefer single shot, so this one should do me fine (im also not a diehard airsofter either, and I usualy only play for maybe 3 hours). if this becomes a serious hobby (not at all hard to imagine at this point), I will probably be looking into upgrading a few things, including my battery (li-po sounds interesting). I appreciate your concern king, I guess im just gonna have to see for myself.
  4. bullshitninja

    FPS Myth

    interesting and informative. how applicable would this be to a side arm? I use a 355 fps CO2 Taurus with .20g. could I see a legitimate increase if I used a .25g, or is that too much to ask of a pistol due to short pressure buildup in the smaller barrel? im not looking for range, of course, its a pistol. but I am looking for your "horsepower" aka "punch" :)
  5. thanks to both of you. I have just picked up a "SANYO Mini 8.4V 600mAh NiCD AEG Softair RC Battery FS4" on ebay for 13.99 (free shipping). the ones at that site of urs were pretty hefty on the shipping costs, so I opted to wait a few days for the free shipping. nowhere near as expensive as I was expecting. give me a week, and my smug friends with their high dollar AEGs will be get a taste of their own medicine lol. if anyone else is looking for a "mini" battery, heres the link to that cheap one: http://tinyurl.com/4gh93o (had to change the url, ebay puts some huge spam banner when u paste links, it seems)
  6. thanks again bronco. im looking at that site as I type. and to that effect, I have one last question: would voltage play any part in the longevity of my gun, will higher voltage equal higher wear and tear (and is a higher voltage battery larger - im no electrical guru as well lol) ? I would prefer a higher voltage battery on principle, but just want to make sure it will fit my weapon before I purchase it.
  7. well, im a Newbie at all things airsoft, I must admit. would u happen to know any websites or stores that offer "mini" batteries? I tried googling them (if all else fails, try google) but couldnt, for the life of me, find the battery. thanks in advance
  8. thanks kevlar. ROF is not a necessity, single round is my style, but good to know. so I take it that any 8.4 to 9.6 volt would fit? this battery compartment (underneath the barrel, within the foregrip shroud) seems a bit cramped for anything larger than the originaly intended battery.
  9. hey, bought an aftermath kirenex over ebay, and got it cheap cuz there was no battery. im guessing the voltage and amperage and what not are the same as all aftermaths, but does it require a special size? maybe if someone has one, they could tell me the model number or something? oh, and maybe a good place to get one (online or not) thanks.
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