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  1. I agree with the KJW M700. I've owned one once and I liked it. never had a chance to convert it to CO2 though so I wasnt able to see the better side of its accuracy/consistency
  2. try sending a PM to Brainplay. he can help you with your question...
  3. 1st post after a long hiatus. I agree with hunterseeker5, tweak what you have rightnow and play with it. if you really need to upgrade, start slow. the experience you'll get along the way is more important than the upgrade parts you'll stuff into your Bar10. my initial upgrade is always a TBB and nice heavy ammo. the rest stays stock (tweaked/modded) until it really needs upgrading or replacement. Im not a fan of 20-30min skirmishes so I don't use my rifle on short games. IMO, snipers (and our rifles) are better suited for milsim/long games. I know it's a bit OT. just my 2cents...
  4. sick rifle you got there bro. mind sharing its spec? oh, and more pix please...
  5. even if the piston gets forced on top of the cylinder like what you're saying, there's no way it will put that much friction on the cylinder to make the bolt hard to cycle/pull back or return/push forward. I know because for 2yrs now, Ive been using a 45o system and I havent had any experience of that problem on my rifle. back on topic. have you check the delrin guide rings on the receiver that centers the cylinder? you should have 2. also check if the searbox is securely screwed on the receiver. any play/wobble on it and it will cause you problems cycling the bolt and slam fires. while you're at it, check also if the spring guide stopper is installed properly. it should be all the way in the searbox. that also causes cycling problems. if none of this fixes your problem, check the sear that sticks out of the searbox when you remove it from the receiver. thats the piston sear. any crack or any signs of wear on that small part causes alot of problems. hope this would help...
  6. try sending a PM to Brainplay. he knows alot about gas rifles. he's worked with CO2 and HPA. im sure he can help you out...
  7. the spacer is one of the free mods you can do on a springer. I used etape as my spacer on my Bar10. just wrap it tight on the base of the spring guide like the image below: ...as for the 45o vs. 90o thing, ill leave it to the experts since I only have experience on a 45o sears. Ive tried using the EdGI SP02 (600fps rating) on my Bar10 for 3mos before and the searbox didnt brake. I think I fired almost 800rds on that setup before changing it to the SP01.
  8. I cannot comment as to which is a better cylinder head since I only have eperience on the EdGI Quad O-ring one but 500fps(or even more) on an almost stock setup should be possible if you'll get 100% compression and the 6.01mm TBB. using that TBB would already give you 20-25fps more. couple that with a 0.5" spring spacer and you'll hit the 500fps mark easy. the stock trigger/sear box of the Bar10 is durable enough to hold up on that setup with just the 45o sears. I havent had any issues with mine for almost 2yrs now on my 550fps setup (with EdGI sears though).
  9. you hit it on the last statement. the rifle being 3-4yrs old now would "probably " already have brittle bucking and O-rings and the screws might have gotten stuck already on the plastic/metal which might give you a bit of a problem when you disassemble the rifle. that is only my hunch though. but if the rifle is well maintained throughout that 3-4yr break, thats perfectly fine.
  10. Im using Goldenball .30s (and Madbull .36s sometimes) on my current setup. for a stage 1 upgrade, I would suggest you get a TB + high quality BBs first and do the free mods. the sears usually only need replacement/upgrade when you upgrade the power of your rifle
  11. as long as it doesnt have any problems or hidden defects, thats a good buy. the only possible prob im seeing is that the unit is already 3-4yrs old. TM VSR10 has one of best hopup and bucking in and would really help in your accuracy. everything else inside can be upgraded with aftermarket parts no prob. check the gun first thoroughly before you purchase it
  12. if you read our comments carefully you would understand our point. we are not saying that the fps should not be upped or should not reach the field limit. we are merely saying that BEFORE the OP upgrades the power, he should concentrate on upgrading the accuracy and durability of his rifle first. like I said, after those 2 are taken care off, the OP can go ahead and upgrade his rifle's power all he wants. we just don't see the point in upgrading the rifles power first. the only way for us airsoft snipers to have an edge in the battlefield is to increase our maximum effective range (MER) and not the maximum range our rifle can reach. increasing a rifles power and using high quality heavy BBs will not automatically equal to increasing its effective range/accuracy.
  13. how much does it cost and what does it include? any upgrades? hidden defects?
  14. unfortunately, if no one really sells/make them, you would eventually need to make your own. so might as well try and experiment making one using materials that the other guys have suggested...
  15. take woogie's advice bro. upping the power/fps of your rifle will just make your shot hit your target faster and make them realize more that they were shot since it will be more painful but thats it. like everyone here would say, make your gun dang accurate first then up its power. upgrading a sniper rifle is usually done by stages. theres no reason to rush your upgrade plans just to meet the field limit. although I know its easier said than done but the point is, like woogie said, even if you have a 600fps rifle but its not that accurate, it beats the purpose of upping its power. accuracy increases our effective range. power/fps doesnt. I would suggest you perfect the air seal of your rifle and fix/minimize the vibration first then get/use some high quality BBs to up your accuracy. only after that should you up the power of your rifle.
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