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  1. Unbeatable, can't be stopped, won't be stopped.
  2. It's really sad... I love all of these. So f--k you guys, operators gonna operate. That blue tiger fish shotgun is important to the mission. Lololol
  3. Hehehe. Drum mags would be fantastic in CQB. Nay, they are! Unless you're running one of those ACM M500's that shoot five at a time... that's just dirty.
  4. When my buddy got his first car (an 09 Jeep Wrangler) first thing I said is we're putting a 240bravo out the passenger door, guy in the back with a big ol' grenade launcher, and another guy with a SAW out the back. It's going down. Alas, he didn't want to have his new car shot up. But this would be really fun.
  5. Hmmm. Can I have both? 23-25 rps with a 6.03 tightbore would suit my fancy quite well ;)
  6. Ohai! Hey everybody! After a stupidly long hiatus (what, like two years? Two and a half?) I'm finally gonna save up some $$$ and get back into airsoft. The scene around FL has definitely changed and met some cool guys that have inspired me to get back into the game. I look forward to reconnecting with all the vet members here and all the new guys, too! Got a lot to learn about all these new friggin' companies and guns, but it's nice to see at least KWA is pushing out some nice product. Good to see all of you
  7. I'm trying to figure out how to cancel paying for selling on the forum and can't seem to find out how to do that. Any help is appreciated :)
  8. Dat patch. Hahaha I freaking love it! And the picture above me...
  9. Excellent, excellent, excellent guns. Do it.
  10. That's not bad. They're $67 on ASGI. I texted my buddy who used to be a sniper, it's actually his. He said he only used it a few times, so I guess it's still a decent part.
  11. Pretty good find since the cylinder has quite a price tag on it. Still usable though with those scratches on it?
  12. Turns out, the red/pink thing is a Laylax VSR10 piston o.O The brass part is a cylinder head. The others, dunno.
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