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  1. thats a ridiculous spring. youll never beat the chrono with that. youll spend a bunch of money to have a gun you cant use ...unless youre playing non-legit games you cant just drop that powerful of a spring in there and nothing else and expect it to work like normal and be a Really Cool leet sniper. fps isnt everything youll need a full steel tooth rack piston, a better motor, probly an 11.1 lipo, and then because of that youll NEED the gate mosfet or else youll char out the microswitch. youll need a special hard type bucking too you should focus on a gate mosfet and hop & barrel parts. just get the gun first and test it
  2. these are great. correct mag for your gun, they look better than akm hi-caps, they hold a decent amount, and theyre a good price for 5
  3. the trunnion is the "front receiver" where the rear sight is the tension leaf is the piece of curved steel under the rear sight that keeps it in place you don't need to remove the handguards to get the front set out of the receiver the bolt guide rod should slide forward into the bolt and in doing so come out of the top cover button then reverse back out
  4. remove top cover remove charging handle spring and guide rod with top cover button slide charging handle towards the stock all the way til it can lift out remove rear sight and tension leaf allen wrench through the little hole to loosen the grub screw in the trunnion remove receiver pin slide trunnion and front kit out of the receiver and off of the inner barrel push hop up block forward remove selector screw remove pistol grip screw remove pistol grip pull out the gearbox from the receiver upwards unscrew hop up pull out hop up towards the stock
  5. excessive yes. and needless wait til you get the gun to decide what you want to improve. the blowback on these models is a lot of fun. you just might like it. if not it can be disabled. either way, you don't need a new v3 shell. half the stuff on your list you don't need this is a quality gun. you may only want to improve things like compression and airseal and accuracy parts the best thing you can do for this gun is to get a mosfet for it because of the microswitch. gates were reccomended to me
  6. since when does d-boys make a blowback g36?
  7. swapped the barrel piece for a painted supressor. mag is wrong, but looks decent with the tan & fde I guess supressor is fde with an od misting. mounted an optic to see what it would look like
  8. yea that rear sight will fit don't listen to what was said about the metal gears, thats BS. the rest of the internals are standard clone stock parts. adding in metal gears will be the best thing you can do for its longevity and reliability. all other clones come with metal gears and run similar internals
  9. and that guy was a retard. the 050 being a vfc clone is really simple to disassemble check out the v3 video guide on mechbox.com. watch it a couple times. the v3 isnt very hard to work on
  10. lots of people use shamaghs for face protection. and because they look really cool too but in the heat theyre going to make you extremely uncomfortable. even wearing goggles and a hat can become very uncomfortable in the heat
  11. I dunno bout the g&g proline comments. disabling the blowback is as simple as installing a regular cylinder do all g&g pneumatics have the top tech gearbox? thats whats in my mp5 and its really good equipment. almost nothing to upgrade. I only improved compression & put in a front wire kit and swapped the metal piston head for a regular one. the shells are reinforced and radiused and the gears in mine are black unlike in this photo
  12. who doesnt wanna be captain jack swallows? if I were you I would get a decent to great quality set of goggles with good ventilation and then get one of these mesh lowers they can be had rather inexpensively on a lot of sites and you cant tell me this don't look cool
  13. a ptw .....but since thats out of your price range you should look at kwa's, g&g proline, g&p's, lonex, and vfc's if I had none I would pick a kwa, but since I already have one I would choose a g&g proline with pneumatic blowback. thats just me vfc could be out of your price range. kwa's may be as well unless you get the cqr. kwa comes performing to near perfection out of all the high quality m4 brands theyll all have their lesser and higher priced models depending on what externals come on the gun you should focus on getting the good m4 you want. pick one rear wired to a crane stock. then worry about getting the rail you want later if it doesnt already come with one. but this way you can get a good gun that is maybe a model in your price range and then get the exact type and length of rail you want when you have the money again
  14. a lot of the companies that put out crap guns like jls, jing peng, double eagle, kart, & a few others. most all of them don't exist anymore the previously low end clone aeg brands like d-boys, cyma, jg, etc. theyve all stepped up their quality rather drastically I think its kinda hard to get a terrible aeg these days. I think current aeg offerings fall under good, great, and amazing
  15. I just got a very meager tax return. after sending most of it off to bills and crap I have a couple extra bucks left that id like to spend on myself. I was at walmart the other day and saw this ozark trail tactical light on clearance for $29 its usb rechargable. thought it was cool. id like to have it to use for more than just a gun accessory. I realize it may not be super high quality, but its perfectly fine for whatever I may use it for obviously it doesnt come with a rail mount. that would make things too easy :/ so im wondering will this mount fit the tac light? I have neither the mount nor the light yet, so I cant take measurments or anything. theres bunches of this kind of flashlight mount on amazon for only a couple bucks so thats the one I wanted to go with to save money
  16. I don't know about the full stock 56 as mine is the underfolder. I would think that it would be better for a dmr ak base to be the side folding model and put a decent rail kit on it to mount accessories like a bi-pod. just my opinion but then none of them have a side mount so youd need to find a way to have an optic rail if you wished to use an optic. the full stock may be the better choice for battery access I would look into the rail sections made to fit into where the ak's rear sight fits into the trunnion. but then with that the optic may have the ability to hinge upward or if the stock screw is in the right place on the full stock 56 this may work last I checked ehobby and redwolf had rs guns in stock. seemed as though their prices went up
  17. I dunno what you mean by scope or why you think that, but thats the rear sight. its just a sight. check evikes ak externals section
  18. you could just go out and buy the hephastus whatever groza while I curse them for not making an aeg version or you could track down a smokeys bullpup kit personally I think the smokeys kits look like horrendous s**t this guy did what youre trying to go for, and while he didnt do it completely right it looks pretty good almost every fabricated bullpup ak aeg ive seen has been overly bulky. its like they added more gun in an attempt to make it less gun. theyre almost always terrible but you can study pics of the smokeys parts and peoples fabricated parts and search for descriptions on how they built them to get ideas on how you should make things. and then a suggestion ill toss in here. anything you fabricate, try to make it minimalist. try to stay away from that bulky crap like a motor grip cover stock thats so big it looks like it should hold two 9.6 large types truth is we need a gearbox redesign for a bullpup ak aeg. I think a modified rs type 97 style would be a good place for a company to start
  19. just .25's alone in my t56 and its like a sniper rifle. I cant even joke about it. best gun ive ever experienced inside and out they just come in the box that good. thats all you gotta do ...is just buy one
  20. im sure we all remember a time when clones came with ridiculous amounts of green or peanutbutter brown factory grease I think companies have stopped doing that since I havent seen it in a clone in a while back then it was because of that, that an immediate regreasing was always reccomended I can also remember opening up some clone gearboxes to find their gears completely dry
  21. itll be alright. you can disable blowback, but if you wish to keep it I would say install a mosfet and a better motor so that you can have a normal rof without burning your contacts up by using a more powerful battery the externals on the aps guns are pretty good. the ak's are vfc clones with a lot of steel content the airseal nozzle thatll come with the gun is pretty excellent. the piston head o-rings and cylinder head o-ring should be improved on
  22. so then you must have the urx rail off then. you should try channel lock pliars. if you get the nut knicked up its not really a big deal since itll never be seen when mounted. or you can put a layer or two of a towel around the nut and clamp the pliars harder if you don't have the actual nut tool then channel locks are really your best option. they open wider to allow you to put more pressure on wider obects
  23. a&k? do you have the standard rail or the urx type? im pretty certain the a&k standard rail is all one piece. I have never been able to budge the outer nut on mine at all. it has never come apart and it shows the damage from trying if this is the rail you have you can unscrew the entire rail. make sure the gas tubes out
  24. if youre referring to this link. again, it wont work on the r76 due to the receiver length. that rail requires 2 holes in exactly the correct place in the front receiver and the rear does not mount to the top cover button. it mounts to one of the screws on a stock. ive only seen it on retractable stock adapters. it may work on a full stock screw, but I do not know this for sure. it could probably be rigged with a washer system if not btw, if you don't install metal gears the poly gears will strip out and render the gearbox nonfunctional even though the rest of it will still be in working condition you never said if you got the clear or non-clear version, full stock or underfolder
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