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  1. Actual footage of admin after you did.
  2. All your ASF are belong to us.
  3. I N T E N S I F Y I N T E N S I F I E S
  4. IS THAT ERIC FROM GUN GAMERS?!?!??!!11/1/1
  5. He mentioned to message him because he wont be checking the thread often. That said, because I know him IRL, I know he still has the SVD.
  6. agreed, you need to provide more info on it, esp since there is a massive cult following wanting someone to produce a GBB FNX.
  7. Just what the title says. I don't want any other mosfet, and I have cash in hand. best quality/less used is prefered.
  8. WE G39c with 5 mags, $275 + shipping, very little wear.
  9. no longer looking, bought stuff today. if you were going to offer something, you missed your chance.
  10. Looking for a GBB or RS MIAD and a PTS or RS ACS or STR, either can be in black or FDE, the cheaper the better. have cash in hand waiting for you to offer me a good deal.
  11. I have one for sale, PM'ing you.
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