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  1. Actual footage of admin after you did.
  2. All your ASF are belong to us.
  3. I N T E N S I F Y I N T E N S I F I E S
  4. IS THAT ERIC FROM GUN GAMERS?!?!??!!11/1/1
  5. He mentioned to message him because he wont be checking the thread often. That said, because I know him IRL, I know he still has the SVD.
  6. agreed, you need to provide more info on it, esp since there is a massive cult following wanting someone to produce a GBB FNX.
  7. Just what the title says. I don't want any other mosfet, and I have cash in hand. best quality/less used is prefered.
  8. WE G39c with 5 mags, $275 + shipping, very little wear.
  9. no longer looking, bought stuff today. if you were going to offer something, you missed your chance.
  10. Looking for a GBB or RS MIAD and a PTS or RS ACS or STR, either can be in black or FDE, the cheaper the better. have cash in hand waiting for you to offer me a good deal.
  11. I have one for sale, PM'ing you.
  12. damn....loving that SR25. Wolf if you get it you are one lucky man hahaha. really wish I had the money to grab it.
  13. I have a highly upgraded TM Glock 17. PM me for parts list.
  14. Like title says looking for the stock IN BLACK for a GBBR, don't need the AEG buffer stuff. THE CHEAPER THE BETTER!
  15. EMM4, TM doesnt make a Scar-H that is NOT recoil shock....sooo you more than likely will not be able to get a TM Scar-H.
  16. can I offer you my custom built G&P WOC? if you want specs and more info just let me know. off topic but you make such nice rifles Star. Im not a 2 tone fan but its done very tastefully.
  17. Edi, you should take that PRS out of the mystery box and sell to me
  18. That suppressor on the Kriss, where did you get it and can I have it? on topic though, trade that 417 for a custom built G&P WOC?
  19. Trade the 417 for a custom replicated KAC SR16 GBBR? PM me for more info if you want it
  20. I still think you should trade this for my custom WA style GBBR lol. Good luck selling her, its a beauty of a rifle.
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