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  1. It's a double active breaking MOSFET. It helps dissipate heat better from a high torque motor while also making sure the gun never stays half cocked with the spring compressed. Bump.
  2. Too low sorry. Btw next time you reply to a thread try not to quote the whole ad. It makes the thread load slower if people are browsing with a phone or slower Internet. Thanks. Bump
  3. *NO TRADES*||*NO TRADES*||*NO TRADES*||*NO TRADES*||*NO TRADES*||*NO TRADES*||*NO TRADES*|| *TM M14 Socom* Internals- Prometheus Double Torque Gears Prometheus 6.03 Barrel Supercore Piston Guarder Nozzle Guarder Tappet Guarder Cylinder Guarder Cylinder Head Guarder Spring Guide Guarder Bushings Guarder Cutoff Lever Guarder 170 Spring Element Aluminum Piston Head Falcon Bucking G&P 160 Motor Double Active Braking Mosfet Extras- G&P Leupold Replica Scope (nicest replica I have ever seen) Silencer Stock Pouch+Cheek Rest Bipod 2x TM Midcaps 2500 Mah 20c 11.1v Lipo Tappet shaved to create better compression between nozzle and bucking. Piston shaved and AOE corrected with sorbo pad. Set to semi auto only. Recently I just fielded this rifle in a game and got to test the new bucking combo. I had quite a significant amount of kills passed 250+ feet shooting UPHILL through heavy brush. People were amazed at the range. Imagine it on some actual flat ground... Shooting 425 FPS with .40 semi auto. I have recently swapped silencer for a smaller one than in the picture. Looking for $600 OBO. *TM Vsr-10 GSpec* Uploaded with ImageShack.us Internals- Laylax Zero Trigger Laylax Teflon Cylinder Laylax Spring Guide Laylax M170 Spring Laylax Barrel Spacers (drilled out) Edgi 6.01 435mm Bull Barrel Polarstar Piston Polarstar Cylinder Head TM Precision Hopup Chamber (black aftermarket) Noobies TDC w/ 2x Arm Inserts Noobies Buckings x2 Noobies Brass Anti Blow By Sleeve Extras- Tasco 50mm Scope w/ Flip Up Caps (new never zeroed) King Arms Silencer Adaptor (drilled out majorly to fit normal silencers and edgi barrel) King Arms Silencer w/ Foam Cheek Pad Pouch w/ dead .308 Rounds 4x TM Mags Camo Bipod Firefly/King Arms/Nineball/Falcon/TM Buckings New 190 Spring This thing is crazy accurate with tons of range. Some of the internals are impossible to find now. It is shooting 448 FPS with .40 bbs right now. Asking $600 OBO. Camo List- Woodland Med/Reg BDU Ghillie Crawl Suit w/ Gun Wrap- $130 (includes bag to store in) Multicam Propper Med/Reg Top+Bottom and Boonie- $60 Marpat WoodLand Med/Reg Top+Bottom and Baseball Cap- $50 Marpat Desert Med Sm/Red Top +Med/Reg Bottom with Boonie- $50 All these camos are authentic and all guns are in awesome shape. I am thinning my collection since I won't be playing much in the near future that is the only reason for selling these so they don't collect dust. I am only keeping my field rifle loadout for when I can actually make a game. Not really interested in trades at this moment sorry. Don't bother asking. The only exception MAYBE would be a PSG-1 or Sl8/9 fully upgraded no stock guns. All other trade offers WILL be ignored sorry. *NO TRADES*||*NO TRADES*||*NO TRADES*||*NO TRADES*||*NO TRADES*||*NO TRADES*||*NO TRADES*||
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