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  1. I'm 19 (20 first week of june), got a car, play at CQB regularly for past year, been airsofting for about 2 years, decent amount of experience just looking for a regular group of guys to play with. just shoot me a pm if interested in my gun.
  2. Hey, I live in NOVA and have only played 1 out door game at New Kent with Echo1, but the problem is I don't own any camo. I'm strictly CQB, all black get-up, UMP as my main, M14 CQB back-up, all of which <300fps due to ACQB regulations, etc etc, but I want to try new things; will I have any problems? I don't wanna make a trip only to get slapped around by you outdoor folk :P btw, I'm awaiting confirmation on your forums, _legion
  3. Hey, noticing there are alot of teams and events going on everywhere, just not in virginia, so I thought I'd make a topic to try to pull together all you northern Virginians together that are looking for a NOVA topic haha. I'm a decent airsofter, wouldn't say expert but def not a Newbie, looking around for a group of ppl to play with. I've only been to CQB and now trying to broaden horizons. But, just a heads up to the ppl in virginia there is a event at New Kent (15 minutes east of Richmond) I'm planning to attend so check it out. Anyways, I'm looking for a group of guys I can play with regularly whether its at CQB or out in some field. http://echo-airsoft.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=147
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