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  1. Like to see this gone. Price drop to $105 obo.
  2. Nice, gently used KWA M93R II NS2 gbb pistol. Includes everything shown in photo (pistol, 2 non-leaking mags, holster). Asking $115 shipped. I accept paypal and ship within ONE business day of payment Thanks for looking.
  3. I have a brand new, still in the box A&K box mag. I will sell it for $60 shipped.
  4. Do want just the upper? Because the mag release is in the lower receiver. I have an ICS metal upper but the catch on the dust cover is broken so it doesn't stay closed. Other wise everything is there and works.
  5. It is possible that your cylinder head is stuck, having been sitting. With the upper taken out of the gun, try sticking a small metal rod or small screwdriver through the air nozzle and see if you can push the cylinder head back. It shouldn't take much effort to push back. Also are the teeth on the piston okay, none broken? Is the gun trying to fire?
  6. I have these parts. Is this what you are looking for? I would need $15 shipped.
  7. Looking for JG, CA, Echo, King Arms or any other FAL style rifle, working or not. Also parts and accessories for same.
  8. Are you still looking for a T1? Works great, some marks on the battery cover. Asking $30 shipped.
  9. PRICE DROP!! Brand new (only opened to take photos) full metal Ares gearbox, part #GB-M60-FS01 for M60 airsoft machine gun. Will also fit the Star version of the same gun, replacing the clear polycarbonite gearbox. These have been unavailable for quite some time. This WILL NOT fit other brands only Ares and Star. I am asking $115 shipped. Payment is through PayPal, I ship within one business day of payment receipt. If you have any questions feel free to pm me. Thanks for looking.
  10. Are you looking for just the upper "shell" or do you need all the bits and pieces? Like the bolt cover, forward assist, etc. I have a complete upper but the bolt cover doesn't latch closed. It is currently setup for a short barrel cqb (upper gearbox, hopup, barrel, custom outer barrel, etc.)
  11. Here is the first night game by Just For Fun Airsoft, located in Utah, on April 4th.
  12. I upgraded my ICS M16 to shoot 550fps. As with any major upgrade the right parts have to be used. I used SHS torque up gears, a Lonex hi-torque motor, ICS big bore upper with a Guarder M140 spring, x-ring, and a Promethues 6.03 520mm barrel. The ICS boreup upper came with a steel tooth pisotn, aluminum piston head and bearing spring guide. I have never had a problem with ICS gear boxes being strong enough, they are beefy. Biggest problem, for me, with ICS is the stock pistons and motors, not very strong.
  13. I have an A&K M249 Para, the only thing wrong with it is the box mag jamming. If you are interested I could sell it shipped for $150. If you are interested and would like photos let me know.
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