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  1. Bump. It's still here! Get it before it's gone ^_^
  2. Excellent! This is surely a unique gun, and with some tinkering know-how, you can practically make it do anything short of make you a sandwich. :P If you want any more information about the gun to help you decide, I'll be happy to provide!
  3. Free bump for a nice selection. :P
  4. Bump. Might I add that this gun is also out of production, and probably very difficult to find new, especially for this price, and with a reliable aftermarket hopup bucking and o-ring to boot! If you're looking to avoid paying $400.00 for your F2000, THIS is YOUR GUN!
  5. Apparently I'm unable to edit my post. (Maybe a certain amount of time has gone by?) Either way: News! I'm dropping the minimum price from $120 to $105! I'm open to reasonable negotiation, so feel free to make an offer!
  6. &lt;AT&gt;Sith: I don't mind a free bump. It's nice to see some support! That's awesome what you've done with yours! Sheesh, you almost got me reconsidering XD. This thing really did serve me well. I just really don't have the money, time, or the experience to be throwing at gutting/upgrading the entire gun, as much as I'd love to turn a supposedly lower-quality Chinese model into a killing machine, as you have. :P I think it'd be more worth it in the long-run to just get myself another gun though, maybe a P90 or something (still an FN model, still a bullpup ^_^) to fill the bullpup-shaped hole in my heart. :P I wish they'd come out with more bullpup designs, such as better FAMAS and AUG models, perhaps a more cost-effective L85 wouldn't be so bad either. If someone ever makes a reasonably priced AK bullpup though, I'd be all over it! (Such a thing does exist in the real world o.O) &lt;AT&gt;Lizzard: Yeah, I'm aware that Cybergun had no hand in building it, but it still makes me a little sad inside that Cybergun would be getting any sort of money from it at all. I haven't seen any reason to respect that company's business practices. The G&G model is indeed much more accurate and detailed, and I really am fond of how it seems to perform out of the box (that minor FPS adjustment feature is kinda cool too). The high-impact nylon-fiber body is sweet too. I just can't help but feeling though, as with most things Cybergun touches, that you'd be paying an extra $140 bucks or so just for the brand-stamps on the side. =\
  7. I really appreciate the comment and the bump! Thank you! I can't tell whether a dude sporting a Misaka Sisters loadout would be incredibly intimidating or incredibly horrifying. Let's hope we never find out? :P A lady on the other hand...well...I don't think she'd want that much skin exposed to hails of high-velocity plastic, but it would definitely warrant a second glance! hahaha! XD
  8. Hey there, friend! Are you an airsoft-savvy individual still looking for that next excellent "project gun"? Look no further! I present to you, the JLS F2000! It includes all externals it came with: butt-plate, external/internal barrel, original flash-hider, fire selector, mock bolt, etc... Although it is a "cheap" Chinese gun made by JLS, the body of this replica is both exceptionally durable and roomy, as well as being capable of limitless modification in the right hands! Being 1 of only 2 F2000 designs in the airsoft world today, this gun is incredibly valuable for those who would rather not mess with paying $360.00+ for the G&G "officially licensed" (by Cybergun! ) model. Also, retail models of the JLS are most likely out of production: increasingly rare to find, and oftentimes more expensive. The gearbox is in great shape, the only issue I've found being that, when the battery is connected, it wishes to fire by itself! Perhaps that was a "freak case", perhaps not. The odd proprietary custom M4-ish V2 gearbox itself functions just fine though! In fact, there is even an aftermarket o-ring on the piston and an aftermarket hop-up bucking. Because of this, it shoots much better than it did stock. As far as external paint, the flash-hider was painted black. That is all. Although I'll have to re-paint it blaze-orange upon shipping it! The only notable flaw I must mention is that, upon fixing the pathetic o-ring that came stock with the gun's gearbox and reassembling, a small pin in the foregrip would simply not cooperate. In the process, it was unfortunately lost. However, I promise you, this does NOT impact the chassis' stability, and in fact is hardly noticeable. (I have tried flexing the plastic, or squeezing the foregrip to see if it would fall out. I cannot get it to do so.) Other than that. Pristine condition! I honestly didn't play as much as I should have, in my opinion. :P Although this BB-hose has gotten me through some crazy spots throughout my various battles, I feel that perhaps I've outgrown it. (I have an Echo 1 C.P.W Contractor AK now...heavy but sturdy!) OVERVIEW This gun has an excellent rate of fire when using a 9.6v battery (not included) that even rivals some stock guns! And rest assured there's plenty of room in the battery compartment. It shoots approximately ~350 FPS. The manufacturer claims there's even a stock tightbore. Whether or not this is true, the gun shoots straight and accurate. Also, this gun has ludicrously easy access to its hopup mechanism, making adjustment a breeze! The weapon is very lightweight and can be wielded with just one hand, right or left! It is completely ambidextrous! There are weight-simulating lead weights placed in the body, which could be removed to make this already light gun even lighter. A 3-point sling will make this gun incredibly comfortable to handle (I once carried a BB-filled ammo box in one hand, and protected my SAW gunner with this in the other.) Attention to Prospective Buyers: This item is recommended for those who are somewhat comfortable with disassembling/repairing airsoft guns, gearboxes, and/or electronics. Although it was originally a great gun for newer players, some use has caused a trigger/wiring issue, in which the gun will fire without a trigger-pull once the battery is plugged in. Although I suspect this may be a simple fix for an experienced tinkerer/airsmith. I make no claim that you will be receiving a perfectly skirmishable replica right out of the box. Also, the fire-select feature is a tad "buggy." When switching firing modes, the body needs to be lightly hit a few times to engage the correct mode. This is simply a matter of the nub on the selector toggle not "catching" the fire-selection plate, and can be easily remedied with some DIY handiwork! Also, to be clear, this replica does NOT INCLUDE: Battery or Magazine. Only the gun itself, complete with internals. Payment and Procedure: I will accept PAYPAL ONLY. *edit*: I am not currently interested in trades. Thank you. Buyer assumes all shipping costs. I will add insurance if specifically asked to do so. I will ship the item ONLY after the payment goes through. No exceptions. Please understand my need to protect myself as a seller. I will do my best to meet any requests to verify my integrity. Item will be shipping from TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA unless stated otherwise. I am not responsible for any damage caused by mishandling on behalf the shipping service. (Will most likely use UPS) The replica weapon will ship with the federally required blaze-orange tip. SELLING FOR: Best offer - $120.00 minimum (NOT including S&H) PM me your offers, and I will choose the buyer at my discretion. Current best offer will be updated accordingly. Thank you for looking at my post. Looking forward to doing business with you!
  9. Hope it hasn't been too long to post, but: My rag-tag band of fighters would customarily wear dull earthy undershirts and combat fatigues with dark green or brown armored frock coats. A sturdy set of supportive half-calf combat boots standard, obviously. Weapons would customarily be bullpup-configured AK variants with a special FN-style shell-ejection system to allow for ambidextrous use. (Lefties unite! We will not stand for hot brass to our faces any longer!) Sidearms would be compensated USP .45s or 1911s. Officers might even use modernized broomhandle mauser styled weapons. Oh, and special forces would be equipped with compound bows and/or crossbows, because re-usable ammo is nice and it just doesn't get any quieter. <_< If I have my own army who says I can't be unconventional? I'm supposing I'd have some manufacturing ability. :P Gunsmithing and improvised weaponry would be a mandatory part of survival training.
  10. If you use the search feature, you'll find a LOT of people have this issue with the E90. The most likely reason is that the trigger contacts are too close, thus they are "arcing" and pitting each other. A way to solve this is to find a MOSFET device, which regulates voltage and prevents this phenomenon. Infected Airsoft sells a $25.00 MOSFET with active braking (from what I hear, you need that) which should do the trick, although a little soldering know-how and patience are needed to install most MOSFETs MOSFETs also have a wealth of other handy benefits such as quicker trigger response and slightly increased RoF. Cleaning your trigger contacts might help the problem as well, and it's recommended you do so before installing a MOSFET. Search it up and you'll find a wealth of information on this subject. Hope I could help!
  11. Anyone remember the word "tomboy"? Seems some stereotype women as much as we're stereotyped. :P Some girls love being "one of the guys" and might just freak you out with the furious determination of a bloodthirsty Spartan if you're not expecting it! While others just enjoy the concept for the same reasons we do. C'mon, active players get their dose of exercise by running around a field weighted down with gear, shooting replica weapons at people and playing soldier. What's not to like? :D I don't like getting shot either, but as long as my knuckles and face are protected I'm ready to rock. :P I remember two girls who played at my old field in Southern Cali. They were real quiet, but played just as hard as anyone else. Fond memories. :P At the same time, some guys out there are complete fairies who hide in the back the whole time afraid of getting a little sting or two. :P I think it's fair game for either gender. I have to admit though, I really don't appreciate seeing airsoft stores, such as Evike and Airsplat, getting pretty females to review guns in an obvious attempt to increase sales. No offense to those ladies, but in some cases they seem like they're just there to look good, displaying hardly any interest or knowledge in the sport itself. In a few airsplat videos I've seen, the female reviewer simply stands there smiling or holding the thing while he does all the talking, and she might occasionally pipe in with "And there's this cool thingy here..." and "Get this for only $199.00! :D" Exploiting sex appeal to promote airsoft: LAME. There's a reason I play airsoft rather than go underground street racing. :P Interviewing or hiring girls who actually are interested in, play, and enjoy the sport (even if they don't have supermodel looks)? Genuinely attractive and interesting. Just my opinion. :) *edit*: My girlfriend's open to the idea, she's just afraid of looking like a newbie in front of a bunch of people, even though I assure her the airsoft community is mostly forgiving if you're genuinely giving it your best shot. She's a gamer though, so I'm sure one of these days I'll slap a P90 in her hands and she'll be a killing machine in no time!
  12. As it's been said before: The M4: It's like a barbie doll for grown men. :P The sheer amount of accessories and modular upgrades just make it fun. It's a nice system. In my humble opinion though, all that crap on the front weights it down really fast o.O. But like almost every other popular gun, it's punishment for lefties unless it's modified >_<. I'm personally a fan of modified AKs. The wooden ones do look a little too primitive for my aesthetic tastes, and since I'm a lefty, that center-lever mag release is pretty great. I don't really care about "tactical reloading" because quite frankly, I'd rather take a second or two to reload behind cover during an airsoft game rather than dropping my magazine in the unforgiving sand, or hard concrete, and so on. THIS however, is why I carry an Echo 1: C.P.W. Yes, some purists while scorn it, call it ugly, whatever they want. But let's face it, it's the modernization of the M4 with the traditional ruggedness of an AK. I personally love the design. It's a total zen-gun as far as the m4/ak argument goes: It's both neither, and both, at the same time. That new show on Discovery "Suns of Guns" once showed them modify an AK to use an internal suppressor. It was pretty wicked. Mods like that are simply cool, and show the AK platform still has plenty of potential as a modern weapons platform. Just my 2cents :)
  13. Sorry for the double-post, but here's 2 old pictures, before my upgrades. Taken quite some time ago :P
  14. I am rather fond of my C.P.W. Some people think it's the ugliest thing in the world, but I rather like its interesting twist on taking two old classics and modernizing them both into one sweet weapon. Custom "tactical" AKs are just cool. :D I only got to skirmish it once, but here's my impressions on the whole thing: First of all, it shoots nice and hard stock! A little too hot actually (420/430) with .20s, so I had to break in the spring before a game by shooting a few hundred rounds (never dry-fire, kids!). Speaking of .20s, don't use them. Even with the hopup all the way down/off, those .20s will be incredibly inaccurate, and sometimes even soar skyward. .25s or heck, even .28s would probably serve you better. I just recently got myself some .25 bios and am eager to test them out. Reviewers on Evike (where I bought it from) claim heavier BBs make it incredibly accurate. My previous gun was a JLS F2000 (which is currently for sale!) <<[shameless plug! ], so getting used to a full-metal, non-bullpup rifle was interesting. I must say, the Echo 1 C.P.W is quite heavy! Not as heavy as perhaps, the SCAR, but I'd highly recommend a sling if you're going to be lugging it around. The included foregrip is very handy as well for reducing fatigue. For holding down positions, a bipod might not be such a bad idea. I particularly like that this thing has rails EVERYWHERE. The rail above the dust cover can be removed by preference (although I love the look) and is unfortunately a TINY bit wiggly, but it's a movable part necessary to access the dust cover, so it's understandable. NOTE: Not sure how much research you've done, but keep in mind the front sight must be flipped all the way forward when flipping up the rail to access the dust cover/batt. compartment, or it can break. Never force anything! Note also there's a special way to put the dust cover back on, if the release button doesn't firmly stick out, and the dust cover doesn't stay on by itself, it's not on correctly. The included waffle-style magazine is plastic, but nice and durable. It'll hold around 600 rounds, which will last you a long time if your field doesn't require midcaps! (That's almost twice as much as a standard m4 hi-cap) I wasn't too much a fan of the rather recessed winding wheel, but it works well enough. ---------Gripes-------- The included 8.4v stick battery does its job, and has a nice fire rate already, given the FPS output. A 9.6 makes it so much better though. Unfortunately, there's only room in the dust-cover for an 8.4v! If you're not much for rewiring, I'd highly recommend a battery pouch to secure a 9.6 to the front of the gun or the stock (with an extension cable or rewiring). This is the biggest issue I had: There are a LOT of loose screws here (at least on mine!). I HIGHLY recommend you get a small tube of blue Loc-Tite (found almost anywhere there's automotive stuff) and put a dab on the threads of pretty much all of the screws found in the gun. Nothing's worse than having tiny screws dropping off your weapon in the middle of a field! Most notably, the little screws for the railing. Given its design, these can't be too tight or too loose, but a little loctite will keep them where you want them. These would probably be hardest to replace. Also, the hex-screw on the stock for the sling mount was loose. Securing this would be an excellent idea. If you want to go a step further, some kind of super-glue would be a good idea if you weren't going to remove it again. (Loc-tite is made to be removed later) Finally, iron sights on this gun are nice looking, but most likely won't grant you any degree of accuracy (as with most airsoft guns). But that's not that big of a deal. WARNING: USE LOCTITE ON THE FIRE-SELECTOR SWITCH SCREW! Due to repeated gearbox vibrations, the fire-selector screw can possibly become loose, to the point of actually falling while shooting. This is the airsoft equivalent to switching gears when the pedal's to the floor, and It could potentially ruin your motor. Loctite this screw ASAP to avoid any issue. After applying loctite to mine, the selector switches between firing modes with a nice crisp (click). Excellent :) Last gripe: I haven't been able to get the flash hider off. >=( Not planning on a mock-suppressor or different flash hider anytime soon...but it'd be nice to know I can. People say it's possible though. --------Final Thoughts-------- As an assault weapon? This gun is near perfect. It's rugged, built like a tank, and dishes out plastic at high velocity. Not to mention it's quite intimidating! It's definitely a large weapon, not the best fit for close quarters. Given upgrades, it could potentially be a hard-hitting DMR though! --------Upgrades------- As far as internal upgrades go, I haven't been able to crack it open yet. Partially from fear and partially because it's different than most AK style guns in some ways. (That interesting M4 stock for example) I would say a tight-bore barrel wouldn't be a bad idea, especially because of how accurate this thing is already! If you want a more "balanced" gun, you could downgrade the spring, but I wouldn't touch it unless your field has lower FPS restrictions. I'm pretty sure the motor's just fine, but you could always look into it. As far as field-play goes, I'm almost certain a tight-bore would be the best idea. If you're familiar with gear-shimming, I'd say give it a shot, as I'm finding out stock guns rarely, if ever, come shimmed well. Shimming is always a great idea for reliability. The only upgrades I've personally applied so far are a red-dot reflex sight (that $40.00 ~ $60.00 "Matrix" 4-reticle red/green one on Evike) and a battery-bag to hold my old 9.6v. As far as the internals, the gun's just fine, although like I said, there are some cheap ways to make sure the parts last awhile. --------Conclusion------ Sorry, I know this review is rather overkill, but I wanted to give you a nice overview of this thing before you buy it, or give you reassurance that you'll like it if it's already on its way! In short: I LOVE my Echo 1 C.P.W as a "leather-man's tool." It'll really throw some BBs, and it'll do it with a smile! It's an excellent field-gun. I'll probably get something else if I ever play a faster/CQB loadout, but otherwise I'll probably be hauling this guy around! :)
  15. Randomly came across your loadout thread and thought I'd check it out. Really interesting, man! You weren't kidding when you said "high speed, low drag"! With than phantom AUG I'm sure you're a blur on the field. :P
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