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  1. I'm particularly looking for a G&P MUR 1 upper receiver. Let me know what you got. Paypal ready to unload....
  2. A lot of fine looking guns here!! My KWA MK18....
  3. Yep it should be an easy fix by just filing the end of the screw just enough so it could hug snuggly against the lever.
  4. Wait a minute, so you're saying the cut off lever screw sits higher than normal? I know I might be suggesting the obvious but have you tightening up the screw so it sits more flush?
  5. Well you will have to at least take the gearbox out and inspect your selector arm/plate. Its located on the outside of the gearbox. Unfortunately, the best time to learn is when something go wrong. You'll slowly start learning how every component works that way. I remember one time I had to take my gearbox apart 7 times all on one day. It was frustrating but it was a good learning experience.
  6. I believe you have to clamp onto the cylinder head nozzle and turn it counter clock wise. It will take a little power.
  7. Has it done this ever since you got it new out of the box? If so I would take it back for warranty otherwise tinkering with it will void your warranty. Again, my hunch is that the selector plate is not fully engaging the cutoff lever to make it in full auto but you were able to do so after switching it back to safety tells me either the selector plate or cutoff lever was out of position. Its easy to see if their working once you have your gearbox out but at this point you should just return it for a new one since you just got it.
  8. The easiest step on increasing ROF is upgrading your battery to 9.6v if you haven't done so. For further increase upgrade your battery to 11.1v lipo but then it will increase wear and tear as well. Upgrading your motor will be next. Check this thread...http://www.airsoftsociety.com/forums/f10/guide-highly-increasing-rate-fire-aegs-87858/
  9. Its sounds like you might have something lose either between your selector switch, selector plate or your cutoff lever. Something might be out of position or your cutoff lever might be worn down. Have you ever open up your gearbox?
  10. I believe the the Seattle store just closed but the California store is running full force.
  11. I have here a pretty much new KWA M4 airsoft rifle with a ton of upgrades. It has never been fielded ever since I got it for my birthday. Its just too pretty of a rifle and just all too much for me so I am selling it because I need money. I believe there has been hundreds of dollars invested into this thing but right now I'm looking for $499 or Best Offer. I'm not sure what really the ROF is but it is insane with 11.1v lipo battery and shoots very accurate. The gear box has been swapped out to the Matrix M130 that shoots between 430-480 fps on .23 bb's along with the Matrix high torque motor (has the 2gx gearbox but that is being used in my brother's gun for lower legal fps). Right now the gun is set up to operate perfectly with no problems what so ever. Interested please PM me. $499 or Best Offer Shipped PayPal Only For Payment KWA M4 CQB (All Metal) Matrix M130 gear box Matrix Hight Torque Motor Cranestock Lipo Battery 11.1v w/charger RIS rails with Gemtech Silencer Authentic Troy Industries Rail Covers Front VLTOR flip up sight and rear TROY flip up sight ACOG replica 4x32 With Trijicon Trade Marks Magpul Miad grip and magazine pull King Arms Carbine Mod stock Madbull tight bore inner barrel extended to suppressor for better accuracy And everything else that you see in the Pictures
  12. Dude, I'm interested in some of your stuff but where are the pics? Guess I have to pm you.
  13. Nice set up you got there Artoo! I too bought a few things from TTiger and all came through better than expected. Great quality products and good communication.
  14. Man Vain that would be sick! Especially after getting it cut and ported. Can't wait to see the outcome.
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