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  1. I think you mean the Asahi M40, which is the one that has less than 25 examples in existence. For me, I would want to have a King Arms Galil SAR with upgrades, ICS SIG 552, ICS L85A2, G&G FNC, etc. Basically, anything that isn't the typical M4/M16 or AK.
  2. I'd go with the CA. The availability of after market parts are far and wide for it. Another plus is that it can readily take parts with little or no modification.
  3. Well I'll be. There's actually such a thing: http://www.airsoftcon.com/
  4. I thought that when I first bought an M4 (and this was WAY back), I thought that I would be so different. Now I want to upgrade my M4 and hopefully get some potential buyers so that I can get myself an ICS Galil AR.
  5. I've have experienced this situation before with my CA. Honestly, I just keep shaking the buffer tube until the washer comes loose. Poking/tapping the washer with a screwdriver should also help with making it come out.
  6. It's $160, but you have $175... Where are you buying from, and where will it be shipped?
  7. Uh no. The G4-A3 is only $190. Building the same gun using a Combat Machine as the base would cost you $200 more.
  8. This plus this should be a good start. I don't know if this is the actual design you are looking for though.
  9. The Classic Army Metal Sportline MP5 SMGs are great alternatives if you need that extra heft.
  10. I just drink water from my hydration carrier. For food, I'll probably bring some chips. I'm simple like that.
  11. Did you IMMEDIATELY change out the barrel and bucking BEFORE shooting anything? It's always a good idea to check before and after upgrading.
  12. The British have since retired the L86 as an LMG. They now use the FN Minimi for the LMG role while the L86 is now used as a DMR. This was due to reliability issues. L86A1
  13. If you go for the L86, you can just upgrade for accuracy and be done with it. You can adjust the FPS on the L86 without having to get a new spring. The highest spring setting will give the stock M120 the performance of an M130. The propitiatory parts is something to look out for if you plan on stressing the gearbox.
  14. What brand BBs did you get? If you don't know, then try to provide the location of where you got said BBs. The problem can also be due to over hop. That is, you dialed in the hop up too high. If your gun still fires, but no BBs come out, I don't think it's a problem with the trigger switch.
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