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  1. Bump. Really need both the vest and the barrel asap. Thanks!
  2. With pouches even better. Can have a broken strap or two, I'm not picky. Please PM me with offers. Also need cqbr length barrel. Any length is perfect. Thanks Drew_H
  3. Attn: I'm begging you to read the entire post before responding or reaching out to me. BEGGING. Please! Ok, thanks and on to my hunt: I'm in need of a complete m14 socom (no, regular m14 won't work unfortunately). Looking really for a boneyard version via a bad gearbox or other smaller issue. Gearbox can be whatever condition, but I do need everything else that goes with it. Just let me know what you have VIA PM PLEASE!!! I really don't want to clutter up posts when we can handle privately. I am also looking for an RRV. Pouches or no pouches, I just really need an RRV style vest, really any color will do. Condor and the equivalent though, please. Cheaper the better. I play maybe once a month if that, and don't need an Really Cool vest to do so. No other vests or plate carriers please! RRV's only.Also please note that brand new with pouches these are going for stupid cheap, so please be reasonable. Not looking for FLYE or the expensive stuff. If you're not familiar with what an RRV looks like, here ya go: Thanks so much guys! Remember, IM me PLEASE! Drew
  4. Still looking for everything on the list. Just fyi... If you ask me to pay your paypal fees, don't be surprised if you never hear back from me. Those are the seller's responsibility, and against paypal and these forum's policies.
  5. Free bump for a great guy to deal with. Very quick communication and lightning fast shipping. Items arrived only two days after paying, and were in perfect condition. Don't hesitate from buying from Ashikaru. This was my first, and will not be my last transaction. P.S. (For what it's worth) From my experience, Element is pretty decent ACM Magpul stuff.
  6. Bump ttt. Also looking for a standard aimpoint or acog red dot (no magnification needed). Not willing to pay more than $35 shipped for either though, just fyi. Thanks!
  7. PLEASE NOTE!!! Please, Please Please do not clutter up this thread by replying with what you have,or respond with "Hey I just PM'd you" If you have an item or two available, please PM me directly with what you have and your asking price. I am looking for several "Adapter" related items for AK's and G36's. Here is the specific list:AK -> M4 front and AK ->M4 stock adapter G36 -> M4 stock adapter G36 -> M4 mag adapter G36 flat top rail or flat top adapter kit THANKS!!!
  8. Hey Shane, just PM'd ya over on the Airsoft Ohio forums about these. Got ya covered if you still need 'em.
  9. Guys, please PM me rather than using this thread. I'm on my knees begging here!!! PM, PLEASE!!!
  10. First and most importantly... Please send me a private message with what you have, asking price, and a pic would be much appreciated!. Multiple responses to this thread pushes down the rest of my brothers and sisters looking to buy their much needed parts and supplies. Starting a new build and need a bunch of stuff. Starting with the body right now... I'd love a g&p magpul body in FDE, but that's not a requirement at all!!! Basically looking for something in pretty decent shape, has a good it of trades and markings on it (words and shapes, not scratches). Please no standard JG blank bodies. I really like the G&P series, or the echo-1 zombat isn't bad. JP rifles, v-tac, vickers, whatever!
  11. For the AK parts, I need both the front and rear sights, but they need to be intact. My mag release also broke in to many many pieces (thanks pot metal!). If you have an old cyma cm028 lying around with those and other parts on it, lemme know. Otherwise just those specific parts will do. For the Masada (aka ACR), I'd like to find the externals to modify an existing m4 gearbox and drop it into it. I'm aware of some additional work that will be required, but for now just need the externals. If you have any of these, please send me a PM so we can discuss. Thanks! Drew
  12. TTT. Lots left, anxious to get rid of it so offer up. Real Steel is an expensive hobby.
  13. G3 "stock thing": $10 shipped M4/M16 external parts collection: $20 shipped Some great, some good, some needs tlc. Great for the fellow builder needing spare parts. Scope ring and mount parts collection: $20 shipped Hurricane (thanks fcma172!) brand helical bevel and spur gears: $10 shipped Metal M4 carry handle w/leupold scope mount: $18 shipped Classic Army M16 outer barrel and inner barrel set: SOLD Standard Vertical Grip: $7 shipped Condor tan admin pouch w/ OD pocket flap: $10 shipped Gear collection: SOLD Some great stuff in here... AIM, G&P, Classic Army, Marui and XYT. G36 barrel extension: SOLD
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