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  1. I recently acquired an ares sr25, but I require some high caps for it. If anyone has ARES specific mags for sale ill take em..
  2. DG makes kits for those we m4's; check with tony rizzo, they work pretty damn good too.
  3. Lol, I have an entire classic army body but I am missing some parts. Maybe I can make one gun, mine.
  4. That is an amazing SP, who did your flat top mod? And I take it that RIS is real steel?
  5. Saying he deserved to die is a bit harsh, but he was clearly to stupid to live... Too bad it wasn't entirely his fault. When I was younger, my dad raised me on firearm safety. The first time I ever got a little pellet gun we took it out back and went over all the NO-NO's. While we didnt specifially say, "don't point this at cops", it kind of went without saying to me. Anyway, as I got older my father introduced me to a couple of real firearms and even bought me an airsoft gun for Christmas. And thanks to him being a responsible parent and raising me correctly(to the best of his abilities), I eventually became a responsible adult. My father was a smart man who taught me the responsibilities of using anything that looks like a weapon (whether it be a toy or not). My blame in this case is going to rest on the parents. Parents should take at least a little bit of responsibility for your kid, you made him, now make sure he doesn't grow up to be a serial killer; or worse yet, a idiot.
  6. ill take the rail, tan pouch, and tan lower.
  7. Do you offer any special kind of glue to get these guys on and have them STAY on? Ive tried super glue but it doesnt really seem to give it a good hold, if its not centered the damn things get rammed up the front...
  8. To get the Cleanest/closest possible heat shrinking, make sure you let the connector cool first. Then Slide it all the way towards the connector and hold the end so you have a bit of forward tension on the wrap. Then, Simply use a lighter and hold the flame beneath the very front of the tube until it shrinks onto the connector. If you are still applying forward force on the wrap, you will notice it shrinks nice and tight into the front of the connector; To finish of the rest of the tube, just wave the lighter across the tube and rotate; Simple!
  9. Thats pretty cool, any chances we can get a pic of it actually being worn? I cant quite visualize it being worn...
  10. Wow, the prices on these items is great! it looks like they are even lower than gi or evike. If the products are legit, I could easily see myself ordering strictly from you guys as long as those prices stay low like that. Expect an order from me in the near future, look forward to the stuff.
  11. No it is not. It isnt a classic now, it wasnt a classic then, and it will not be a classic in the future - period. This "most" you are refering to clearly have no idea what they are talking about; a group which you are also likely part of. Yes it does. No, they are not.
  12. Stay away from the g&p m170's, I have yet to hear a good thing about them. As for the g&p m160's, excellent motors.
  13. Is that m4 ak stock conversion part-out able?
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