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  1. Like when I ordered a "Bar 10" from them and received a Well gun with a stock more like that of the actual Bar 10 and couldn't return it. You can be 100% "satisfied" with these guys like I am. good BBs are already cheap most of the time anyway so you might as well spend a little more for the better stuff.
  2. What's with the mag on that M28? That's awesome.
  3. Pictures and upgrade part details? Your build is intriguing.
  4. Hard to say. But you would probably need to up the FPS, ammo weight and use little to no hop up.
  5. Congratulations, those are beautiful guns. Perhaps you should post some more pictures?
  6. The thing is research and heresay will only take you so far. And cutting costs just for the sake of it isn't a good idea when it comes to BASRs. If you just want sheer low cost performance get a L96 and drop in an aftermarket hop up like the PDI and a tightbore. My 70$ TSD SD700 (Well MB03) completely stock after simply cleaning the gun was easily torso accurate at 180' (measured it myself) with .28 BBs. now with the cylinder head beveled, heavier ammo, replacing the O-rings on the piston and cylinder head and other easy compression mods I bet I could push it to 200' just with stock parts. Like the others say you seem to have your mind made up. Again it's just a bad idea in general to spend hundreds of dollars on upgrade parts for a gun you don't have. Do you know these parts will work well together? Have you ever taken down a SVD or any other spring rifle? tuning the internals has been said to be an art in itself.
  7. I don't know how you would do that assuming your using a PDI cylinder head where the back end is completely beveled out. PDI Hard Piston is your only other choice: http://www.x-fire.org/vsr10/e.vsr_piston_hd.html You should be able to get replacement O rings for both pistons at a good hardware store. Also you could get a laylax piston or similar and maybe sand it down to fit the cylinder.
  8. Or, you could try the completely radical idea of using the traditional Prohibition-era style nub bucking over the cutting edge advanced God-like EXZR bucking (or whatever the hell it's being called now) and see which one you can get to work best with the GI parts. The hop up and barrel are the two biggest factors in consistency and accuracy so an upgraded bucking and improved airseal will go a long way.
  9. So which is it? And why did you make another thread? honestly... I wouldn't ever recommend anyone buying so many parts in advance for a gun they don't even have.
  10. Put that thing in a vice and muscle it off with a wrench after heating it up.
  11. Their Piston, Spring guide and bucking probably aren't any worse than Laylax. But that is just my guess. The barrel though you would probably be much better off with PDI. And you should upgrade your cylinder head. The polar star would work best. How's your compression?
  12. That's a little harsh, But it is a budget gun. The Barrel and the sears probably are the worst parts there compared to PDI. and using the 45 degree sears with a powerful spring like that isn't a very good idea. I think it's funny GI is selling a gun like that upgraded with the most important part of the rifle accuracy-wise (the hop up chamber) left stock. For the price it's good, but for a little more you could get better parts and build a better gun. It just depends on how much you want to spend.
  13. That kind of a reply doesn't exactly help either... The spring is a 170 so that should get you to the upper 500's. Range probably somewhere between 200-250 feet. Is the hop up stock? Sounds like he's just trading you the G700.
  14. Where are you getting your prices? is that with shipping? I'm no expert on the A&K SVD but those sound bogus. Then again I'm not even sure what parts this gun will take. Keep in mind almost always you get what you pay for in airsoft. And a 170 spring? That's pushing the stock sears awfully hard and could be detrimental to their long term durability. Also keep in mind even if you have the best parts for your gun they're only good if they are all working together and installed correctly. Just because someone can tune their gun to a certain level of performance doesn't mean if you use the same parts you will get the same results. I wouldn't trust heresay too much, or plan to upgrade so many parts in advance when you don't even have the gun in front of you. Too many people seem to want to try and connect the dots and draw conclusions right away with how a gun they don't have will shoot with X amount of parts and their prices, etc. There's usually much more to it than just buying a gun you like the look of and buying parts for it that others online say will work to get a gun shooting that accurate. My advice, buy the gun if you really want one. Familiarize yourself with it inside and out. Than if you have the cash buy and experiment with upgrade parts. See what works for you.
  15. Are you sure it's fitting and engaging the mag catch correctly?
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