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  1. Philsauido. I think thats how it does it. I haven't tried another motor. the one I have right now is an AMP hi torque. I don't think there is anything wrong but I'll give it a try.
  2. 1. Most games/ops I go to are semi, and thats when it locks up, so I don't know if it locks up on full. 2. going from semi to full doesn't unlock it. 3. what do u mean by fiddling with the trigger. I've spammed the trigger but nothing. 4.I've never tried removing the motor to pop the ARL. I'll give it a try. 5. Yes I took off the 1st and 2nd tooth on my piston 6.The G&Gs have a working forward assist. at least mine does. don't know if they do anymore. it resets the piston to the forward position 7.piston isn't scraping on the cylinder. 8.I don't have any jam's 9. The pistol grip screws are not loose 10. I tried multiple batteries yesterday
  3. I'm at a loss. My G&G raider, which I've had for about 4 yrs now continues to lock up. I'll fix it, it'll work. I put it away. and when I go to use it it locks up again. I fixed it again about a month ago, shot it and it worked. went to play with it today and it didn't even cycle when I put the battery in. I heard the motor try to turn over a couple times and then nothing. I tried the forward assist but it wasn't able to reset the piston. I don't know what to do. Right now I have some 13:1 gears, SHS piston. I've fixed the engagement of the piston and sector gear because I added a sorbo pad a while ago. I've had the mods in it for over a year and more. it started to lock up at a game I went to this past dec. I thought it was the cold, when I got home I tried it and it worked miraculously. I had opened it anyway to check the inside of the gearbox, put it back together and it was in working order. but for some reason it continues to lock up and I don't know why. so if anyone has any tips let me know. I also haven't replaced the bushings, I don't know if thats a problem or what. the other thing is I don't know if I should just get a new gearbox all together, but I need something that will drop into a G&G raider body. and if I need a new upper, so be it. cause the charging handle is attached to the G&G gearboxes cause of the EBB. I don't know what its like for a normal upper. thanks for the help
  4. sorry, I'm still looking for something that will completely replace my trigger contacts.
  5. I do have a full stock I could use. but I still need to replace my trigger contacts with a switch board because I think my contacts are on their way out.
  6. well which mosfets can I solder into my gear box. I need something that fits inside the gear box. no external mosfets
  7. I'm looking to buy a drop in mosfet. not just a plug and play, and I don't have room for an external one. I've seen the aws raptor, chimera, cheetah. what would be the best pick in your opinion. feel free to recommend one aswell, since I'm not familiar with everything. I'm running an m4 thats been upgraded pretty much upgraded to the max of what I can do right now. I'm looking for better trigger response(my contacts may be on their way out) and something to help prevent gearbox lock ups. I want something that will help my semi auto, since a lot of the games in the my region are usually strictly semi only. I do have 13:1 gears, hi torque motor and run an 11.1 lipo. just as a side note any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.
  8. even if you got an adapter for a single pin motorola or w/e radio you have, I don't think civilian radios will work with the headset. something to do with the operating frequency or something like that. atleast thats what I've heard
  9. Black Magpul PTS masada, wii tech upgrades SHS piston, and hi torque motor new piston head and cylinder sorbo pad 13:1 gears comes with AAC blackout flash hider, MVG, and aimpoint style red dot
  10. I have a pair of Bellevile 390Des, or something like that. their pretty comfortable. I call em my Major league door kicking boots. their kinda heavy compared to my merrells. I used them a couple of time at a game I went to in New hampshire where the terrain varied a lot, and the elevation changed by 500ft or so, there was a lot of hiking involved. they breath really well too. I also added a gel arch support for more comfort.
  11. the ESS land ops goggles actually have cut outs on the side to fit the frame of your glasses
  12. if I were u I would go with a solid color for a vest. in the future you'll probably find that u don't like the UCP and that its completely useless. IMO. but yes but yes that is the UCP/ACU pattern. how it will match up to your UCP is up for debate. I've found that the coloring of camo patterns is not really consistent from company to company.
  13. the first thing I'll do is try a 7.4v. if that doesn't work. could it be that the shim I put under the sector gear is not allowing the cut off lever to catch? if that isn't it, was just an idea, then I'll try another gear. and or take a look at the cut off lever and what not.
  14. It is a PTS masada, and its a brand new micro switch. I switched out the other one because I had a semi auto issue before and I thought that was the problem.(the semi auto would cut off and not work) but that was fixed. I don't think the full auto would be caused by a faulty m-switch. if anything I think its the cut off lever.
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