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  1. Didn't KWA just announce a 2011 line? Not that I've seen them. Like, anywhere...
  2. 30-50 fps is typically the margin for error between reality and advertising bullsh*t. Sounds about right to me for a GBB - FPS will always vary with gas anyway. That said, I am in no way a FPG expert, so there may be another explanation.
  3. Someone at my local field recently got the G&G Combat Machine m4. After shooting it, I found myself less than impressed with the accuracy. While the issues may have been due to a badly dialed hopup, the owner swore that the unit was adjusted perfectly. Having always heard glowing reports of the standard G&G Sportline models, is there anyone out who has owned or shot both who can tell me what, if any, the differences between the two are? I would think that the price alone would be a testament to the varying quality; the Combat Machine is a good 30-40 dollars cheaper than the regular, older models. Any insight would be great.
  4. Good stuff, although technically it is the ns2 system which influences gas consumption and recoil, not the PTP system.
  5. Don't rule out KWA. Production of their m1911 has unfortunately stopped, but I know at least a few places still carry them. With the exception of the huge shortcoming of the lack of upgrade parts, it would blow kjw out of the water. It would be close but certainly not superior to TM in performance, and comes stock full metal. Except for the outer barrel, anyway. Gas consumption would be excellent for a 1911 as it comes with KWA's ns2. Something to think about.
  6. That would be a good theory based on the premise that power is the most important factor in a long range rifle.
  7. Cheaper and easier solution for making a we 1911 skirmishable? Probably buy another pistol.
  8. I think the most consensual verdict anyone is gonna get here is that they are both excellent choices. IMO, it depends on whether you want to spend a large sum of money upgrading the TM or not.
  9. I don't know anyone who carries a tank around with them; if you have a sidearm on which you frequently rely you simply MUST have extra mags in order to be effective. I have never used co2, but I imagine the same can be said for them.
  10. You want to use co2 because its easier? In terms of convenience, propane is much easier - IMO. I have always found it less daunting than dealing with a cartridge.
  11. Looks like it...hard to say though. One of the barrels may be to a 5.1 or something, I would take measurements. The frames look like regular MBK's, the 1911 maybe being from the guarder military set? I'm definitely not positive though
  12. Technically, Propane is GG with a different fragrance added. The gas is by nature odorless.
  13. Hydralovr has a partial disassembly in his review. Don't know if it's enough: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/KWA-1911...ew-t187853.html
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