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  1. Updated: AD closed per Request of Seller. In respect with Polar Star Map.
  2. Just like what title say, Brand New In Box Brand: Polar Star Generation: 3 ( yes this is the newest generation/model/version) Model: Version 2 - for M4/M16 Quantity: 2 pcs *** this is the same engine you will get if you buy anywhere online*** Few thing you need to know: Payments: Paypal Only Please post to paypal comment line ***make sure you email me your shipping address*** ***make sure you let me know what your buying*** NO TRADES, don't ask coz you wont get a response Few Questions You might have : Shipping Cost: free CONUS only How many do u have? I have total of 2, Brand spanking new Is this the newest version? yes , it is the newest version! Is it used or new? It's brand new, in opened and untouched!!! Why u selling? I won't be playing Airsoft for sometime due to personal reasons Want to trade ...... ? No TRADES! I don't care what you have, not interested unless its US currency :) Would you go lower price ? NO! Price Firm! What if I buy 2 engines, will you go lower? NO! Price Firm. This is the cheapest engines u will find even online. My loss, your gain! Hopefully that answer most of your questions. Once everything's paid and confirmed, before I pack and ship your engine/s , I will send you a picture of the engine with your name written on the actual box of the engine. Then once the engine ships out, I will email you the tracking # If you have any more questions or concerns, hit me up Ty for looking
  3. -snip- Moderator note--you need to comply to current seller rules by having a picture of your items for sale, and in the picture a piece of paper with your username & date on it for verification purposes. Also, it is against PayPal's terms to explicitly ask the buyer to add more for seller fees and to ask for payment as a gift. Please send me or other forum staff a message if you are ready to edit your post to comply to current rules. Thank you. -alberty
  4. UPDATE: I got 2 more of the New GEN3 Engines and Few Redline Firebase P* FE GEN3 For M4/M16 : $400 shipped FIRM - THIS IS THE NEWEST Version! Paypal Payment: please pm or send me email djreinx <AT> yahoo. com
  5. Sorry Guys! Im not much here lately! I got 1 more of the New GEN3 Engines and Few Redline Firebase P* FE GEN3 For M4/M16 : SOLD shipped FIRM - THIS IS THE NEWEST ONE! - SOLD SOLD SOLD Redline Firebase Rig : $155.00 shipped FIRM please pm or send me email djreinx <AT> yahoo. com
  6. All Paid Orders been Shipped. I have few more P* V2 Engines with few inquires.
  7. UPDATE 3.) Redline Airsoft "The Delta" Air System for Polar Star PR-15 - SOLD
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