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  1. Sounds like my KWA.... Anyways, I am using the 8mm KingArms GB and it was work flawlessly... I'm running a 110 spring but it should handle a bit higher as well... Hope that helps!
  2. I had a KWA piston do this to me once in a KingArms GB... I had to trim some of the left over material of the piston rails, with sandpaper and it worked fine.. Not sure but I think as I fired the gun the friction would cause the plastic to expand ever so much; it would would eventually lock the piston back in the 'cocked' position.. Anyways, something to look at.. Good Luck!
  3. Nice reply Kobun. THANKS. Im going to go ahead and order it... I have an after market gun, it just has a KWA gearbox in it. I had a 'silent' piston head in it the first time it cracked. I have never had one completely break, they just get hair line cracks. One of the bodies I swear looked funny to begin with.
  4. Ive been playing airsoft for about 6 months now. I have a KWA M4 and have cracked 3 gearbox shells already. The last, I even down graded to a M110 and added a sorbo pad, checked gearbox on Friday and it was cracked again! So I go to order another and they are currently out of stock (no biggy). I live in SoCal and rarely have dry fires... So the question is, has anyone tried this and do you think it will actually help? http://tacticalairsoftsupply.com/index.php...rt&Itemid=1
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