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  1. I would say I'm neutral, there was really nothing wrong with the old dashboard, but the wii-copying is ridiculous if you ask me. Theres just so much unneeded things in the main dashboard. I don't like how you have to click play game every time, as I usually just turn it on go do something while it loads and come back and play. But one feature I do really like is, now when you just push the center button its like a mini-dashboard, like how the old, main dashboard was but now its accessible mid-game....and its mini!!!.. I'm more amazed at how quick it downloaded vs the actual download itself.
  2. My girlfriend got into airsoft before I did.lol. Everyone else doesnt seem to think much of it.
  3. I know this is semi-off topic, but where is cousins?
  4. Yea, I wished I still lived in ronkonkoma and could go there just to see it.lol. When you check it out tell us what you think, It looks promising.
  5. That would be awsome, if you could get all of them to play plus everyone else that wants to go, And they bring people, I would definitly make the 3 hr trip down there. If theres 4 of those greenhouses that could easily contain a 20 vs 20 match, and have some interesting games.. Im all for it if the dates right..that out of all things would probly be the hardest for everyone.
  6. if it was 10 vs 10 I could probly get there, so 20 ppl min. im sure if we set a date in a couple months or even spring that would be easily obtained
  7. I thought the same thing until I saw all his other posts. Theres a reason, Although it was a little harsh
  8. I would be interested, if a rathor large party gets started. Im 3hours away(2 1/2 according to mapquest. but taking that I havent been through nyc in about 4-5 years I added 30min) So yea if we get a large party going I might be able to make it there
  9. You brought up a lot of true important subjects. I guess my search continues, Thank you for your help
  10. I know this is an old thread. But scamming never ends. Here's what ive picked up, over my multiple forum years. A Lot of the forums are now making this a rule, as in if it doesn't have it, it gets closed. I think this forum would benefit from it because a lot of the items are higher priced. The poster takes a pic of the item, with a piece of paper with the following information -Username -Date -forum name Yes it is like the 5# thing,But there wouldn't be a wait for the picture. I tend to do that in any forum im selling something even if pictures are required, it raises the potential buyer confidence that you have the object. So with those three things on that paper, if someone else steals it from another forum..well it would have that forum name and not that one, also the date. I do agree with asking for the 5# paper if the poster doesn't do something like above. Heres an example with my fs thread on another forum http://www.clubprotege.com/forum/showthread.php?t=38944 Once again, I do apologize for posting in a thread thats old, its just a good thing to have in mind if you plan on selling anything soon.
  11. First thing, Mods, if this is in the wrong subforum/forum, I do apologize. I just moved to this area, and theres really no airsoft places indoor or out, anywhere near me. Ive searched as much as I possibly could, with no luck. So I realized the only thing I could do is start contacting land owners and a) asking for permission or b) "1-day rent" kind of thing. Then it just hit me. I live on a privately owned lake, Where the 500 houses(including us) on the lake each have to pay 400 something a year to use the lake(you don't have a choice). But there is a 1/4 mile long island, in the middle of the lake. Im just asking if you guys think it would be worth it, to try and "rent it" for a day etc. Heres a google maps view of the island. I don't think one would consider this "backyard airsoft", even though it is techinically my backyard. Thank you for your time. -Matt
  12. Plain and simple, Lets see what your other hobbies/sports/interest are. I'll start off. I like to race nitro r/c trucks, Ive had a total of 5 ,But realising how much an rc truck can cost when they crash into something at 50mph, made me think really how expensive it is. Also when new models come out I feel the need to buy it. Now buying multiple r/c's at $500+ an rc can really empty you wallet. And that's what got me into airsoft. I also like to Bmx, aggressive skate, Longboard, work/modify cars, spend a ridiculous amount of money on things I don't need, and not having money for the things I do need. (Slowly getting out of the last one lol) Sports: -baseball -football -soccer -Matt
  13. This Happened earlier this year. I will NEVER forget this. I was 17(18 now woo) and my mom just picked me up from work, its about 10:20pm when we got home. Our driveway goes to the back of our house, as we pull in we see this thing just floating over the trees(the back of our house was a forest). Its a decent size it was hard to make out as it was dark out. It had 3 lights. It made my mom stop the car. and we both just sat there in amazement, saying "wtf is that. really wtf is it?" it was moving VERY slow in one direction, like a calm walking pace. So we started to creep forward, it then stopped and moved "backwards" and started to take off(maybe 15-20mph) but it didnt turn around or anything. It just went off out of our sight. Now I'm a very logical person, And I couldn't think of a darn thing it could have been. It was maybe 5-10ft above the trees, absolutely no noise at all. The next day after standing in the spot we saw it, I figured it to be the size of 2 cars side by side with an extra 4 feet in height. Now take these things into consideration and tell me if any one can think of what it could have been. -The size mentioned above -5-10ft above trees -Moving one direction and then taking off in the other without turning around -Silent, completely silent -2 or 3 non-blinking lights -Goes from floating to moving with no blades,wings, rotors etc. -No other sources of light while moving(jets etc) It still amazes me. Also I forgot to mention on the way home on one of our side streets my mom said she saw a white thing fly from the left side of the road OVER us. I figured it was a bug or a bird or something. Until she said the it was the size of a small dog, And that she didnt see it continue to the other side That alone scared me. Then to get home and see this thing above our trees. Lets just say I didnt sleep well that night.
  14. You just answered your own question. 0.o
  15. I am not homosexual, but I am a supporter, why cant they live the life they want? there plenty of married couples(read:male with female) that end up in the dumps. people as a race, always pick on the different, they cant target people like themselves so they target different people, Having many Homosexual friends(male and female) they are nice people and 98% will back off when you say youre straight..Im not going to get mad at a guy trying to find someone.I simply say no im straight(not that ive had that happen) and there off..People over react about this stuff..Whats next? you cant marry her b/c shes 1 foot shorter then you sorry..really let them be happy.. but this is about marriage, What is marriage? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriage Its not like its a huge deal..people get up in other peoples lives too much. I personally think people(all around the world) over react just because a person is different. The way they talk,look,act,mental status. its ridiculous. Sorry if this seems like a thread jack. I just don't get why people just wont back off and let them be. Not letting homosexuals marry isnt going to change anything, there still going to live like a married couple, so why not let them BE a married couple. My rant is done.lmao good day
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