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  1. Signups just opened for Anshaw Valley. Im not organizing it but im guessing it will be a smaller match with around 20-30 players unless some NWA or Tulsa guys decide they can come in. ive been on this field many times and everyone is easy to get along with. a mix of older and younger players and the local players are super friendly. the field its self is nothing short of amazing. its straight out of a Vietnam movie and even has a big car graveyard that attracts lots of huge firefights. heres the info, be sure to sign the attendance thread if you plan on coming out. http://arairsoft.net/smf/index.php?board=23.0
  2. Are you on http://arairsoft.net/smf/index.php ?
  3. I have both. I like them both but KWA edges the gg out in a few areas. fps is about the same but kwa wins out on RPM. not by a lot on 9.6. lipo is where the kwa really puts a dent in your BB bag. internals. side by side the kwa has thicker heat treated gears and bigger bearings. bigger doesnt necessarily mean better. trades on the g&g look better last but no least.... your not going to find better support than KWA. http://www.kwausa.com
  4. still useful information for others searching surfthetoilet, wouldn't you agree? anyway, it was my opinion just like you just added yours :)
  5. I used one as a loaner for the weekend. worked fine. whats huge is the m4 magwell adapter. being able to use m4 mags is an advantage. imagine using a aeg none standard and running out of ammo when everyone around you has an m4. seeing that your willing to stray away from the m14 my personal opinion would be m4. you have unlimited options for upgrades and total computability. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=5601 is in your price range
  6. high fps on a cheap gun = broken fast. they bump up the fps to make it look good to the kiddoes with no consideration to how long the aeg will actually be useful. the biggest tip ill give you is don't get in a contest with your buddies about who has the highest fps. you will learn soon enough how ridiculous that argument is when your broken on the field and your lil friend next to you that spent 25-50 more on a more solid platform is still in the game. looking at your price range I would say look at E1 or CYMA if your stuck on M14. all aeg's break and you get what you pay for. but as far as entry level goes they are decent aeg's also keep in mind most real fields have a fps limit on aeg's my local fields are sub 400 for field and sub 350 for cqb.
  7. Ive had both. the G&G is a solid aeg but my kwa stole the show in every corner. the thing is a bull and the rate of fire out of the box might even be too much. performance? KWA had faster rate of fire. not as accurate using a cqb. G&G seems more violent when shot, in a bad way. the KWA feels more smooth and solid in its movements. internals? KWA comes stock with 8 AND 9 mm bushings. reinforced damn near everything, heat treated internals, silver wiring, Lipo ready (I use a 11.1) support? yeah KWA hands down. hell you can sign up to their forum and buy every part directly from their website. www.kwausa.com. try that with any other asian aeg compatibility? M4 nuff said. both are great but if I had to choose one KWA by a land slide.
  8. the cqb's cylinder is setup for a short barrel. you might need to order a standard m4 cylinder from kwa.
  9. never heard of them. I would stick with a retailer a little more known.
  10. isnt that reason only to lower fps? will it also lower the rof?
  11. Im using a KWA CQB M4 for field play. I prefer a short rifle because our fields are extreeeeeemly wooded. from searching the forums the only difference internally from the full size m4 (400fps) and the CQB (350 fps) is the cylinder. so just to be sure, is this the part im looking for to hit the 400fps mark? http://store.kwausa.com/partsaegkm4seriese...lock-1-5-4.aspx im also having a hard time finding a inner barrel to match the original 273mm. im sure edgi can make one but im really looking for a prometheus (price)
  12. you sound like a duck. thanks engl4nd24
  13. last Thursday from airsoftgi. the CQB
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