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  1. Would it be possible to install a G&G m24 heavy barrel on a kjw reciever. Also where can I pick up a better quality reciever, my entire gun was "frankenstiened" from parts to create a tanaka m40. I have a tanaka stock, power bolt and trigger mech etc. but I wanted to know where I could find a reciever for it and if that heavy barrel would fit? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=3519 Its for a Tanaka m24 and the m40/700/24 all use the same reciever to my understanding
  2. thats the trigger mech for the maruzen l96, the classic army is a much more different design.
  3. Thanx. :) its a woodland tiger stripe. I wrapped the gun in medical tape first so that the paint was not permanent as I can just remove the tape at any time.
  4. srry for the low quality. its a ca m24, advanced cylinder kit and a fine tuned trigger. cleaned and lubricated and in perfect working condition. I have a ghille for her im just way to lazy to put it on
  5. yeah, let me know how it works for u.
  6. to be exact im not sure. you have to take the trigger out of the mech box. I used a pair of pliers and screwed it in as tight as it would go without really forcing it, then I backed it up .5-1 full turn. after that she has an extremely easy trigger pull. my trigger pull used to mess up my shots but now I can consistently shoot down a pencil at 75 feet
  7. inside the trigger mech on the trigger peice itself there is a screw. the tighter u make it the lighter the pull will be just don't tighten it too much or else the bolt will wont catch. a little bit past hand tight should work. I can pull my trigger with my pinky and its shooting 550 :)
  8. got her a few weeks ago. she has a advances cylinder kit and a few other small upgrades. I fine tuned the trigger mech so its super easy to pull. customized the paint too.
  9. I have an ca m24 and I love it. it has great weight is relatively easy to upgrade and is an all around solid gun. it has one hell of a trigger pull but thats easily fixed if you just tighten the screw behind the trigger. the gun is simple in design and works wonders. ive owend a vsr and I hated it. all around this is probably one of the best springers you can get besides pouring some money itno an asp
  10. you sure your not out of bbs when that happens. the bolt wont push all the way forward when ur mag is empty and that would also esplain why no bbs come out
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