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    Our Airsoft Team Here In Titusville FL Brevard County Matt (me): JG g3 410fps, sniper 700 or 450 fps Mark: JG M4 430 fps Westin: JG M4 430 fps Sean: JG M16 400 fps Antony: BEL 96 sniper 460fps, JG M4 420fps Zach: JG M4 430fps And Kolby: Camera Man Togather we are The Airsoft Crusaders
  1. haha thats pretty funny the last question but im left handed and I can shoot a normal right handed gun just fine oh and if u want u should add the ability to put that u use both hands on ur poll
  2. can anyone tell me if opsgear is a good website to buy tactical gear and/or airsoftguns from www.opsgear.com thank you
  3. are electric mags good? my friends say they jam easy
  4. not if u wear eye protection
  5. im sorry idk because im buyin it from a friend and I hit that guy from that far when he let me test it out so I don't have it to tell you
  6. maybe ummm can a G36c drum mag fit a G3 and I mit get a scope its already got a bipod so..
  7. tell me what u think Link removed by Moderator thanks!
  8. I once hit someone at 150 yards with my 750fps sniper
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