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  1. Well, here's a thread that Shredder posted in with some info on the SCS. Just scroll around a bit.
  2. Try buying the FF bucking from ehobby. They're* a sponsor of ASF, and you should get a discount if you buy from them.
  3. Actually, he said to remove the rubber nub with acetone, or cut it off.
  4. I would consider the M82 a sniper rifle, but it would be a waste, IMO, to use one for that purpose...unless you have a few enemies lined up in a line, one behind the other and all under your crosshair...
  5. Yep, you need the 690mm outer, and you also might want to get a barrel end cap in case the barrel doesn't come with one.... Oh and some spacers if you don't already have them...
  6. For me the most effective thing to do when pulling the trigger is to have the attitude of "not giving a d**n" Totally relax, and don't think about whether or not your shot is going to hit(just for those few milliseconds)...and just pull. Just my 2 cents :).
  7. Take a bit of material from the endcap with a dremel or drill, and it'll fit afterwards. But generally PDI TBs are the perfect length for VSR length outer barrels, and it's the EdGI TBs that require mods to the endcap to make it fit....Also, make sure there isn't anything in the outer barrel that is blocking the inner barrel. GL
  8. The 430mm length barrel will fit in either a G-spec barrel with a silencer attached and the end cap drilled out, or the stock Pro barrel, which will fit the 430mm without a silencer attached(no extra inner barrel sticking out of the no silencer attached outer barrel). So it's basically the ideal length for the pro, whereas the 303mm inner barrel is the stock barrel length of the Gspec...sorry if it sounds kind of confusing... You won't need a new hop up to attach the 430mm barrel, just open up the hopup unit, and pop in the TB. Generally a DBC barrel is a pretty good budget barrel, so you won't be disappointed. Also, some people have found out that DBC barrels have a "break in" period which varies from barrel to barrel if any. And another thing to keep in mind, if you are going to get the DBC barrel, get a Nineball bucking as that bucking generally works the best in DBC barrels opposed to the Firefly ones. *Credit to TCF for testing. Oh, and GL
  9. I'm pretty sure you have to cut part of your trigger guard off...which would require at most a power saw...I mean you could just use an x-acto knife or dremel or small hand saw so it won't be that much work so don't worry :)
  10. Have you actually seen a V-trigger? Or are you basing the claims off of hearsay or ads?
  11. With the EdGI barrels, Firefly performs better than Nineball, but Nineball works best in DBC barrels. *Credits to TCF for his testing
  12. I still have the stock parts, the spring guide, 170 spring, stock pouch, and barrel spacers up for sale!!!
  13. HOLY CRAP Suzaku that is one BA piece of win. So shinyyyy....*drools*......
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