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  1. The video we have been able to compile (with the limited time we now have) is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJAXEHXuHhA Keep in mind the shotgun you are seeing is a *rough* proof of concept prototype. I'm sorry we could not show more details of the inner workings (have to keep some concepts proprietary). We budgeted only a day to video and edit. We made the decision to move forward with the commercialization of our newest prototype which is being worked on now (not what is shown in the video). This decision forced us to decide to not spend as much time on the video as we wanted.
  2. Hello, I'd like to tap the collective airsoft experience here. Why do airsoft shotguns only shoot at most 9 bb's and with such poor fps performance (I know the single or triple shots do better but still ... )? Shouldn't a shotgun be a large blast at reasonable fps of at least 20 bb's? To remedy this my friend and I have built a prototype shotgun that shoots 20 bb's at 300 fps in a nice typical shotgun scatter pattern. We are intent on converting it to pump action (use shells into which the 20 bb's get loaded) to hold 4 or 5 shells and possibly commercializing it. Does this gun sound appealing? The only potential drawback is that it uses co2 or an external pump (think of pumping up your bike tire) to pressurize the chamber. We learned that typical compressed propane (what you put in your gas gun) just does not have enough potential energy to expell 20 bb's simultaneously with any reasonable fps (unless the barrel was 10 feet long). CO2 cartridges are pressurized at about 800 psi compared to propane gas cans which are at about 150 psi. Currently, with co2 cartridges you can get about 20 shots (20 bb's at once per shot) and with the external pump the number of shots would be on the order of 200. An electric version also proved unreasonable. Is co2 or the external pump a big turn off or does the performance offset these caveats? If anyone would like to see videos let me know. Thanks in advance!
  3. Greetings all, Just wanted to get some opinions/interest regarding an airsoft quickdraw competition. We have built a device which can time how quickly a person can draw and shoot a target (I.e. switch turns on a light and timer starts, you draw your pistol, hit a target, the timer stops and displays time). We have great fun with it and were considering hosting an event using the device. We also plan to build another with multiple targets and a timer for multi-shot skill shooting. We are also considering person on person quickdraws with judges, etc. Soon we will have pictures of the device and more information. Top 3 winners would get recognition as the fastests air soft quickdrawers, various prizes (guns, supplies, general equipment), and video footage posted on youtube of their fastest draw, etc. Opinions? Thanks in advance. Joe
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