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  1. hey I got out of airsoft a while ago, and I have a few items left over. im leaving for the airforce in two months so I want this stuff gone! I have a brand new drag bag, plate carrier, smart charger and a couple other little randoms. message me for pictures or if your interested , Matt
  2. ok ive got a brand new OD Condor vest with full molle. its brand new and has never been feilded. im looking for a black or tan assault pack. let me know what you have pics upon request
  3. ok if it doesnt concern the sale of any of my items, then don't post. and my apologies for the title:/
  4. well this is some old stuff most is brand new cause I was mostly a chairsofter! Paypal only No trades You pay, I ship! No trades OE tech sniper drag bag - Black never been used, bought for my vsr but never used $45+$5 shipping Condor Plate carrier vest - OD again never been used, full molle, no rips or tears $30/$5 shipping (x2) bag of Marushin 8mm .27g bbs unopened $5/$2 shipping or w/ other purchase not very much but I will put more up if I decide to part with anything else pictures up tomorrow
  5. bump Belt, dropleg, both springs, and laser sold!
  6. all pms replied. no theres no molle on the bag, and its 30 inches. and for trades it depends. KA Laser - SOLD BOTH m120's - SOLD
  7. selling some gear that I no longer need. vest, dropleg, and belt are all brand new no rips or tears. King arms laser is a little figity, maybe someone cna fix it. Charger, and systema parts are all brand new. OD Condor Placte Carrier - $45 + Shipping OD Condor Belt - $8 + Shipping OD Condor Dropleg Platform (comes with a double mag pouch) - $12+ Shipping King Arms Laser - $20 + shipping Double Triple gun Bag - $20 + Shipping Smart charger w/discharge - $15 + shipping Motorola mini Radio - $3 w/ any other item or + shipping Systema M120 - $5 w/any purchase Steel flash hider - $8 w/any purchase Systema v.2 Bushings - $2 w/any purchase RS MP5 Sling - $10 w/any purchase Unknown m120 - $2 w/any purchase
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