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  1. It's a great idea in theory, but you have to take into account the filters slowing down your gulps of air. It's hard to breath with those on.
  2. A bit heavy on the editing, but it was cool. For future reference, this kind of stuff should go Here.
  3. That's a great idea. While you're at it, don't obey any other laws that you think are stupid and don't apply to you because you know better and it couldn't possibly negatively affect you. And while you're at that, try giving all of the other law abiding airsofters a bad name. The law is the law. Like it or not, you should follow it. That doesn't mean you can't petition to change it, but you have to follow it.
  4. I'm seriously considering buying a full PR-15 kit, but I'm saddened that the HPA rig isn't included. If it was, I would be sold on the spot. I guess I'll have to go back and finish my own rig. Serious questions: What is included in the full PR-15 option? I'm leaning towards the 10.5" over the 14.5", but that's mostly a preference thing. What are the internals like? Granted, the P* gearbox, but what is in the hopup and barrel? VFC is the OEM of the receivers, I assume this is true for the entire outer as well? Is it possible to buy an HPA rig with the complete rifle? I'm sorry if this information is available somewhere else. I've been sifting through the info on ASGI, your Youtube, Facebook, and Website. Thanks for your responses. I'm really, really excited for this.
  5. This is as close to a "Target" pistol as I could find, but it's pretty much junk. http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=29158 I would recommend you go with a TM. The Hicapa line seems to be the most upgradeable.
  6. This. A million times this. If you can offer reasonable shipping prices on small orders, you will have my business for a long time. Part of the reason I don't like ASGI or Evike as much as I could is that ASGI charges $10 shipping on nearly any order, and I only need a $2 part. I really don't want to pay $12 when the end result will be the little bearing in the KWA ns2 pistol hopups. If you guys can fix this, I will be legitimately impressed, and will recommend you to friends.
  7. Roomies, get steppin'! But yeah, this guy has no idea how to run a trustworthy business. I wouldn't touch his stuff with a 10' pole.
  8. I really, really wish I had $100 for that monocular. Free bump anyways.
  9. $80 to say Satan powers your rifle. Worth it to me.
  10. Zendell, I don't know if you've fixed this by now, but your copper feed tube could be replaced by the feed tube that comes in some c-mags. The one I bought came with a really stiff spring that was used to feed through a 90* angle, and that may work better for you than solid metal tubing. Hain, best of luck with your project. The few things that have turned me off from converting to gas earlier was mag capacity and reliability. It seems that you're addressing one of the problems, and it's exciting.
  11. I carry both. A rubber knife for safety kills/messing around, and a pocket knife and sometimes a multitool for cutting things and such. I can't agree with carrying a large fixed blade knife on a loadout. At my local CQB field we had a scare where someone snuck up on a guy and was going to kill him with his own knife, but it was real. It could have ended badly.
  12. Just a heads up, you can't outright sell non airsoft items here (#20), but if you list it as "Trade value, $20" you're fine. Non-airsoft items are WTT only. Free bump, anyhow.
  13. In my opinion based off of lurking in the sniper community for two years, barrel length is one of those things that you improve dramatically with one quick upgrade, then spend hundreds of dollars later eking out every last bit of performance. What this means is, upgrading pistol barrel length for more accuracy? Yes. Upgrading your mp5k for more accuracy? Yes. Upgrading your barrel length on your cheytac m200? Not unless you know exactly why you're doing it, and at that point barrel QUALITY is what matters most. The sweet spot is near 363mm and 455mm, just like Runner said. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that barrel quality > barrel length, every time. Madbull 6.03's are great budget barrels, but if you've got money to burn, EDGI, Prometheus, and Laylax are all wonderful brands.
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