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  1. For some extra side income I am a promoter for some night clubs. I'll get a cut for each person I bring in on events as well, sometimes I pass out flyers at our college, etc. So this got me thinking...how about promoting airsoft games? Is there a lot of liability? I was thinking maybe finding some unused land plot and asking the owner if I could rent it for a day or two. Host some games on the weekend. Let's say 100 people come and I charge $10....that's a lot of money. What do you think about this idea? I don't know a whole lot of airsoft players since I'm new but I know a lot of people and am good at getting the word out since I do this kind of thing already. My biggest worry is liability. Everyone sues for everything these days.
  2. It's Irvine PD. They pull you over for tint and treat you killed someone since there's no crime in Irvine. I'm used to this since I drive a Honda Civic Si with stuff done to it but this is the first time I heard about airsoft and a gang connection.
  3. Your like one guy out of a thousand that has a bad experience so this will be looked over by many as no big deal.
  4. it said not to use the manufacturer name or model number of the item it refers to. first time it got pulled I said Glock 18 then I relisted it with Cyma 030. So I changed it, did not violate rules, they still go after me.
  5. Can you ship these by boat to save $$$, haha. I like the prices but shipping (you have no control) always stings.
  6. I just remembered this...About a week ago I was late for class and I brought my airsoft gun in with me (in a gun bag). The car is a hatchback with no trunk and the back was filled with junk so I put it in the back seat. Cop pulls me over and draws his gun and gets the gun bag and after he feels it and unloads the magazine to see it shoots airsoft he told me that these are gang member weapons. He said gang members in my area go to the games to train on how to use their real guns in real life situations. I told him I'm just a college student that was going to play airsoft after a test to relieve stress and he let me go.
  7. So I was at an airsoft game and this group of older guys (35+) shows up in expensive cars and they have really nice G&G or upgraded TM gun. They act like jerks and won't call themselves out of the game. We are all mainly teens and in our 20s at this game so I think they were prejudice. Even when I tried talking to them like "great game" they just ignored us...probably because they thought we were kids with WalMart guns.
  8. For the past few days I've been getting rid of my lower priced Lpegs and Mpegs to save up for some really good guns and switch from lots of cheap stuff to a few but high quality stuff. I put my guns on ebay and I got an email saying the listing was cancelled for trademark infringement. I guess HK or Glock complained. So I had to take this dumb online quiz about trademark usage on ebay and then I was able to reslist the item. Instead of saying Glock G18 airsoft I said Cyma CM030...no trademark infringement. Or that's what I thought until this morning I find out I can not relist any items. I'm not kickced off ebay but I can't list any items...only buy. What is going on. I did not refer to Glock or any model numbers Glock has. I have heard this has happened to a lot of other people and even when I check completed listing for guns it shows that ebay cancelled the auctions for MANY of these airsoft gun, haha what is going on.
  9. green lasers are more powerful than red lasers most of us think of when we hear laser. You can see the beam like a light saber and pop balloons with them if they have enough mW rating.
  10. You can buy a Glock CM030. Stop spreading false info. Right now supplies are tight with China, shipping problems and some prices went up because of this. I have talked to a wholesaler in socal (one pof the biggest sellers). The retailers are not in trouble with Glock or HK. It is the people making the guns that would be sued. If you put an airsoft gun on ebay with words like Glock or HK USP there are company workers who look for this and complain to ebay to take down their auyction. The manufacurers won't contact you the seller for trying to sell though or threaten you with any legal action. This is why there is no contact info for places like JG or DE on the box or manual and the guns have weird names like D94 or M5 instead of M16 or Mp5. This info is from a large wholesaler, I like to talk to them about airsoft when I buy stuff and they like the sport so they are willing to always talk about this unless they are very busy with someone on the phone. Only a very large company can get the rights. It is very very costly to get licensing. Yeah, I don't pretend to have an "inside line" and I am just repeating info but the info is from a very credible source. I'm in LA and basically most of the airsoft industry....sellers, wholesalers, retailers, etc are within an hour drive from me. So the info I am repeating here on the forum is from the people in the industry selling airsoft for a living.
  11. Actually Lipo is crazy in the radio control hobby world. Many people with pay $300 for a lipo battery with a run time of an hour, that is just one and most people have a couple batteries at least and then spend another $150 for a Lipo charger. One of the reasons is the voltage doesn't drop off as bad as the other bat types. You are more consistent with ROF and you can chargee them many times per day unlike nimah or nicad. Also Lipo is lighter than a similar capacity voltage battery and they can have higher mah ratings for more gameplay time. Just llook into the rc world, everyone wants lipo and brushless like its weed according to the poster above me in PA. I have even seen many permantly give up weed in order to buy lipo batteries since lipo is so much $$ they can only afford one or the other.
  12. You guys remember the big pocket bike fad a few years ago. This was because the cheap Chinese knockoffs made them popular. Before them you could only buy an Italian (tokyo marui) one for over a grand. Then the Chinese came out with their stuff which was worse for quality but like $200 or less in price compared to 1-3 grand. No teenageer is going to spend $1500 on a pocket bike because it looks cool unless they have rich parents. Now with the price at $200 everyone could save up and buy one. However, a lot of these were busted and broken in about a week from Newbies who didn't know about premix and junk like that (LPEGS) .So if you want the sport to grow you need a mid range gun (JG) that a lot of people can buy and even the hardcore guys will show respect for a $150 gun that competes with $400 ones. ' No one is going to respect you with a clear WalMart gun, the clear body is a dead giveaway that you are a newbie, it's like showing up at a party with Jordache or Bugle boy jeans. Even if it fires 450 FPS and you win every game they will say look at that newbie with the Walmart gun, that is the price you pay for going cheap.
  13. Hahaha, Walmart guns are the worst because they are more than double the price of most Chinese LPEGS. If I bought a $25 LPEG and it died on me it is no big deal because it was $25. $80 and I'd be pissed because I could have gotten a Galaxy MP5 for about the same price.
  14. Do most LPEG electric rifles have steel or plastic barrels? And does it make a difference in terms of fps and accuracy?
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