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  1. Alright, thanks man. I'll keep that in the front of my mind.
  2. thanks so much for all of you help everybody. I'll be looking into it.
  3. Alright, thanks man. I haven't bout the gun yet, so I was just thinking upgrade it before I get it shipped to me at ASGI if they do that.
  4. Well, Its not serious serious, but I'm sure you know how intense the big games get. The SCAR is really easy to disassemble if I'm not mistaking. I may have ASGI do it, if I order from there. I don't trust myself to much to take it apart and upgrade it. Barrel and hop up, I can do. Gearbox... aint me.
  5. Yeah, I am pretty sure I was reading it earlier. Not sure, but your name looks really familiar. So just some basic tune ups for the gear box and ill be good?
  6. Well, I'll be going up to a field where things get pretty intense. Good competition, I'm gonna do backyard type things too, but I need it competition ready.
  7. Hey everybody! Well, I've been looking and I've found the DBoys SCAR. I've seen a few other topics on this, but none are really specific on what I'm looking for. I have heard that you need to upgrade a few things. Anybody know what I should upgrade, or any better SCAR suggestions that are a better buy. Probably a Christmas present so, I have to keep a reasonable budget, but it can be a littleeeee high. Let me know!!! Thanks in advance!
  8. Well, as stated before me, that is a VFC SCAR. No doubt about that one. But let me know if you got it and how it looks, I'm interested in what it really is behind all of that marketing they've got going on.
  9. So true dude. I am glad that you get it. And customizing your gear for what you like to do. Adding weight and stuff slowing you down.
  10. Looks nice dude. Would go for a buy but I am selling my gun soon and the new owner paints himself.
  11. So true. But I do play COD4 still. I personally think that COD5 could have been much better.
  12. I'd give it a shot. I love upgrading guns and stuff in games so I think it would be pretty cool. It would be a hard game to make though.
  13. Alright, my friend, neighbor, has no gun. Of course no one wants to lend him a gun. My friend has a crappy WalMart 200FPS gun. The one who owns the gun got something new, he used to be pretty good with it. So we let my neighbor borrow it, he was so scared to get hit. My friend and I were in the Mangroves and he was sniping I was his support is he needed anything. The two come walking right down the sidewalk area and the one in front gets hit right in the heart area. My neighbor who is behind him, immediately calls hit. Just about no one is happy now. I fire a burst into the air and my friend puts a shot like 5 feet right, he freaks out and starts screaming to stop. It was so bad, as most people say we never invited him again. But that was only the first game, I could go on and on about that 3 hr day.
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