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  1. Eat My M4


    My buddy I airsoft with is a West Pointer and just spoke to me about this last weekend (name is Corino). I think this event has potential to be HUGE. The North East is the best region of the country for MILSIM, lets make this happen.
  2. Hey Tux, by any chance were you riding in the back of a pick up Sunday morning? Running to it and drop your speed loader? I'm almost 100% certain it was you.
  3. Hey guys. I have 3 of those ARES LMG's modeled after the Stoner 86. On every one of them the stock broke right where it connects to the body. Any solutions to this? Fixes? Anything?
  4. So I had the unfortunate pleasure of being at SF last weekend. Here is my teams' AAR. Please feel free to add yours to this list. "I wouldn't call it a total failure either, it was maybe 90% a failure and 10% success. Too many rules with poor explanations that even the admins didn't fully understand, I'm not exactly a stupid individual, I read the player pack cover to cover and still had dozens of questions to ask during the safety briefing, and during the game ran into more, random rules and errata to previous rules came up. The system of doing separate mini safety briefings caused this, while on paper it was a good idea in actuality it failed as different player groups ended up getting different interpretations of the rules. The admins themselves handled things very poorly, During the night we reported sightings of players in the rubble and when we reported it to admins we were met with disbelief until we mention we spotted them with NVGs. Player command structures on both sides were inept for the most part on the upper levels, and on our side several command players dipped leaving lower echelon players to take the slack up, with one platoon leader bouncing between 8 channels to fill the gap left by the lacking in command. Pre-game planning was tossed right out the window, our squad was attached to Alpha Platoon for the start of the game to hold Kenobi, we were told we'd be dug in fighting the Russians inch for inch handling anti-vehicle operations, we tailored our initial loadout of equipment to that end, and only found out on our way into the AO that we were to be used by Alpha as a sacrifice. We did improvise and adapt but this required us to stash valuable gear in a building. The players themselves played a role in the failure of the OP, I'm one of the last people you will ever hear complain about hit calling as I only make note of it when it is 100% obvious and it was bloody damned rampant. Everyone was too damned trigger happy, it seemed like no-one took the time to identify targets at all, we were shot it the parking lot staging to get ready to go out onto the MOUT, we were shot while being lead by an admin while we had red rags and dead lights displayed, we were shot at close range repeatedly with dead-lights on and after calling all dead, I've never seen such discourtesy to other players on the field. The incident near the parking lot was one of the worst things I've seen in over 10 years playing airsoft. After a quick redcon we loaded up and moved near the edge of the CRC to grab another squad and make a move into the AO, at this point I need to note that all of our weapons were slung and were clearly standing out of play near personal vehicles and de-goggled players, a Russian squad emerged from an alley between two buildings and the lead player engaged us, we called that we were out of play. We were yelled at to put our Red Rags on by said player. We again explained that we were out of play, as several players vehicles we hit with BBs from the Russian player they stepped in and started yelling, which in turn heated up the Russian player's yelling as well. The Russian player took offense and crossed the road towards the US player and a physical altercation began, goggles and headwear were forcibly removed from the US player and both sides moved to restrain both players. At this point Admins rolled up and attempted to break the altercation up, they separated both sides but did this poorly, the admin that came over refused to hear either side of the story and made an initial decision without evidence or research of the issue and wasn't until on our players argued with him that he took the time to learn what actually happened as he merely attempted to brush the issue off. Later our players went up the admin chain of command and had a long discussion about what happened with core MGP staff, but at that point we'd been burned too much by the events of the OP and finally called it quits. We stuck around until "final formation" which was at 1430, when the game was originally billeted to end at 1500, we were also told that we needed to be cleared out by 1500 when the "final formation" which was just a long winded raffle in the blazing sun, wasn't over till well past that."
  5. Please check the rules regarding pictures and update your post.
  6. Please check the rules regarding pictures and update your post.
  7. You need proof to back up your claims. Screenshots of PM's, Paypal helps.
  8. Updates:SERPA, ALL black pouches, black oakley gloves, all sold. Black RRV sold. Tan $20 rig sold. JPC and Tan RRV are SPF.
  9. SERPA, ALL black pouches, black oakley gloves, all sold. JPC, black RRV w/pouches and Tan RRV w/pouches all SPF.
  10. Bump, black pouches, black oakley gloves and serpa sold. Please PM me as I will not respond to comments on this thread. Going through my PM list now in order they were received. EDIT:Please stop being idiots. It is clearly stated on the top of my thread that shipping is NOT included and you're not going to get a $5 item for free with free shipping.
  11. Hey guys. I'm clearing out all of this extra gear. Here's the rules. No trades. Shipping is on the buyer, always. PM me only. There are no "dibs" and no holding items. Paypal only. No refunds or returns. PM me for more pictures in regards to what you are interested in. These are only to show what is out there. I have marked my name in each post via the Op. Lion Claws challenge coin, as well as the timestamp in the first picture. I reserve the right to deny anyone business for whatever reason I please. I apologize for the rotated pictures but I'm not good at that stuff. 5.11 Rush 72 pack with m60 pouch. $115 Blue/White/IR Surefire Helmet light $50 REAL Kevlar Isralei Helmet $100 Pantac EPC $60 UTG Shotgun. $40 Brand new Condor chest rig thing. $20 Black Condor RRV w/Pouches $35 CB Condor RRV w/Pouches $40 Knock off CB JPC $50 Blackhawk 1911 Serpa w/box of serpa accesories $30 Full Clip ACU chest rig thingy with some pouches. I have another one in CB. $30 each? CB pouch lot. $5 each for condor, $7 each for Pantac Black pouch lot. $5 each. ACU mag pouches and sling $5 each, ACU ALTA Kneepads, $12 Tan Condor Duty Belts, $5 each. Tan, size large Blackahwk duty belt w/dump pouch, $15. Pantac Belt in Medium $5 Knockoff Oakley Gloves, $20 a pair, Condor ones $15. All prices are negotiable.
  12. I rock a real Ops-Core base jump. Can't go wrong. Like said above me, go with the dragon red premium helmet if you're only in the repro market.
  13. Eat My M4

    S73 DCU II

    Great impression! I wish we saw more of this stuff around here. Can we get a kit list for shiggles?
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