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  1. Or smg, PM me for fastest response
  2. Looking to trade for a KWA Pistol and must be ns2 system. I have AEGs to trade -helix
  3. Are you trading or buying? If trading, what do you have to offer?
  4. Looking for a standard/stock bolt for a KWA MP7. Let me know what you have
  5. Time for summer sale! PM me for fastest response Prices do not include shipping Buy multiple items and save! Only trades I'm looking for at the moment: KWA USPc and blackhawk serpa KWA Sig 226 and serpa G&P WOC (prefer without mags, project build) First up is a CA SL8 Stock gearbox but came with a couple quirks from previous owner. There is small crack in the handgrip which does not affect function of gun and the tappet plate was modded to go single fire. Package includes gun and a hi cap mag. Other mags (both hicap and midcap) available for extra Asking price $200+ship Next is a ICS Sig 551 Metal body with full trades on it. Comes with black flash hider, top rail, front grip, and 4 hi cap magazines. Asking price $200+ship Classic Army m4 with blowback Front furniture has been change with magpul moe and rvg. There is a butt pad on the stock too. Asking price $200+ship Classic Army m4 Project build, stock classic army gearbox, motor, and barrel inside. Externals includ Magpul pistol grip, UTG real steel rail system, and Noveske style flash hider. I kept the 363mm barrel in it so you can keep the range and it runs nearly to the tip of the flash hider Asking price $180+ship Next up is gear OD CIRAS Set: OD CIRAS base: $40 OD Hydration Pouch and Bladder: $25 OD Dump Pouch: $10 OD Utility Pouch: $10 OD Open Top Double Mag Pouch: $10 OD Open Top Single Mag Pouch: $5 OD Double Mag Pouch: $10 each Buy multiple pieces or as a package and save, we'll negotiate price From left to right OD Helmet, nice quality feel to it, doesn't feel like cheap china plastic like most helmet. Has pretty soft cushions inside too Price $25 Black Wire mesh Facemask Price $10 Mutlicam wire mesh mask and ear protection Still has tag on it, Price $20 Multicam battle belt with riggers belt, size Medium Price $30 OD knee pads, Price: $10 ACM m9 serpa style holster, Price $15 Double pistol pouch, Price $10 ACM drop leg holster, Price $5 Tan drop leg holster, Price $10 OD drop leg holster, Price $10 ACM Tape, $10 each or $15 for both RIS attached bipod, $15 Rifle cheek rest, $5 Thanks for looking!
  6. Does anybody know if there are replacement parts for a broken forend/charging slide for a maruzen shotgun?
  7. Selling a stock KJW p226 in excellent condition with 3 non leaking mags and a Blackhawk! Serpa. Looking to get $150 shippedfor the package. PM for fastest response. Thanks for looking!
  8. Looking for a Classic Army Sl9. Doesn't have to be in working condition but I prefer it to be unpainted and the externals to be in good condition. PM me for fastest response
  9. Photobucket link isn't working for me
  10. Just wanted to give you a heads up that it looks like JG is now producing a version of it http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...-jing-gong-sl8/ Hope this helps
  11. First up, Dboys AK super hicaps, hold 1000 rounds each Asking $10 each, or $40 for all Next, I have an assortment of m14 midcaps. The top left are metal King Arms midcaps, the top right are china metal midcaps, and the bottom lot is MAG midcaps Asking $12 per King Arms mag, $10 per ACM mag, $7 per MAG. Buy more and save. Shipping not included. Interested in trades for m14 400+ round hicaps. PM me for fastest response SOA link: http://www.sportsonlyauction.com/detail.asp?id=284287
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